My coursework SAFE presentation

Greetings all,
as some of you may know, I’ve been writing my coursework which is named "The analysis of distributed network architecture by the example of SAFE Network" and now I’m happy to say it’s finished :blush: . The semester is close to its end now though I’ve got exams soon but the coursework defense is always held a bit earlier in my university. Several days ago I took part in a conference where everyone presented his coursework to the committee in 10 minutes (such regulations) though it was not enough for all to tell everything. I suppose you understand that it’s impossible to tell much about something really interesting in such little period of time.

Anyway, I have defended my coursework and received 10/10 with what I’m very glad for sure. I’ve translated my slides to English as I promised here in community and here they are. My coursework is in Russian and I am not possible to translate 30 pages of text, furthermore nobody would read it of course :smiley:
The presentation (I mean slides) was only a supporting material for my speech so everything illustrated or written on these slides, was explained by me. If I had more time I would tell about more interesting SAFE algorithms, but the regulations are regulations.
Also I’m sorry if I’ve made any mistakes here in message or in presentation.

By the way, I wore my new SAFE T-Shirt on that day and everyone loved it asking me where did I take it :smiley:

I’ve been learning SAFE ideas and processes for last several months, translating System Docs and communicating here on forum. I’m very happy I met the SAFE Network and the community. I wish launch ASAP and the community to grow! Thank you! :wink:


Thank you very much for sharing.

I think that it summarizes pretty well the project (at least what I was able to understand).


I can see why 10/10 remarkable amount of work and understanding for such a project. Very nicely done and with great balance as well. Thanks for sharing


@dmitry_n great presentation, really well illustrated and described. Thanks for sharing… makes me happy to see SAFE being shared so widely and so clearly.


Привет. А не мог бы ты скинуть ссылочку на оригинальную работу на русском? :smile:

(I’ve asked for russian version)

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Thank you all for your words, I appreciate this :blush:

@Ricmaric - take it.


Nicely done.
p14 is interesting… I’m just curious how you came up with these farming predictions?

those predictions aren’t mine, I took them from the System Docs

The farming predictions are very speculative, so many moving parts to consider. I think once we start to get some hard data after test safecoin has been implemented the community will be in a better position to make predictions.


Привет, я только недавно зарегился, еще не во всем разобрался… не мог бы ты в двух словах рассказать, что это за сервис?

Дарова. Я не занимаюсь и не интересуюсь особо этим уже больше полутора лет, теперь нет на это времени. Если с английским плохо, то беда, без него сам не разберешься. Читай документацию и форум :slight_smile:

Добро пожаловать на форум.

Мне очень жаль, что я не говорю на русском, но мне все равно хочется сказать всем Привет.

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