SAFE Glossary project, NUDGE for community input

Last August I proposed putting together a glossary for the SAFE Network. It was more than I was able or prepared to do at the time, as it turned out.

I’m currently doing work editing the wiki, and as a coordinated action I think the community can really help doing a comprehensive glossary for beginner and intermediate Project SAFE members and other interested parties.

Here’s what I propose. I’ve started a google doc at .

Anyone with the URL can view and comment. If you would like to help in earnest, on request from forum members who have earned trust (or otherwise convince me), I will give you editing access to really pitch in.

The first thing needed is for someone to put it in alphabetical order.

Mainly we’re looking to compile a list of all the stuff it would be really good to have a handy, not too complex, definition for in order to start to grasp the network and its tech.

Let’s get ready to onboard a lot of new participants by giving them a glossary, wiki, etc., that allows them to connect more easily than all of us did.


I would love to help, unfortunately I’m still busy with the Dutch translation of the SAFE Network on Github. :frowning:


That’s the spirit! ^^^^^^^^^^

Suggested additions and edits have been great so far. Please feel free to wade in, especially adding the entry items you want to see definitions for, whether you provide definitions or not. Added definitions are appreciated also.

The Glossary is making some progress. I’ve done most of it myself, but has had some contributions from others.

This is a call to remind all community members to Keep reviewing the glossary, add any other items you think should be included, suggest definitions, etc.

It’s important to get multiple viewpoints on this thing, so please feel free to dig in, or at least review.