Presentation Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam tonight

I will give a presentation around 8pm in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam tonight:

I made a lot of use of the great framework created by Paige Peterson / @ioptio in constructing the presentation. Will give the talk in a few hours, any comments or suggestions for improvements are welcome! Hope to see you tonight.

Link to presentation: Maidsafe presentation


All I can do is say thanks for doing this and please understand how much we appreciate it all when we are head down in code in house. It’s great to have such a vibrant community and especially where people reach out like that, huge pat on the back. Not easy, but innovation and boundary pushing never is, so thank you.


It looks a really good presentation to me @Dirk83. I still find it hard to decide what to say and what to leave out when I want to explain SAFE (just wrote an email doing exactly that). If anything I’d say the danger is putting up too much information, and trying to get too much across. My trouble is that I have so much I want to say because there is so much good stuff to talk about, so the hardest part is saying enough to convey the significance of SAFE Network, but not so much that people get lost or overloaded and have to switch off.

So my suggestion (without any experience yet of presenting SAFE yet) is tell the important story as simply as you can, but allow time afterwards for questions. Post presentation, review who was there and what they asked about, as useful feedback for next time or to share with others who might want to present. I will certainly be interested.

Another thing to consider is diagrams. They help in lots of ways.

My suggestions are probably too late for this, so let me finish with good luck. This is a really great thing you are doing :smile:


My pleasure :smile:.

Thanks @happybeing for the suggestions and thanks to @melvin for helping with a quick facelift of the presentation: SAFE Network Presentation Bitcoin Meetup


Part 7. I would add “minimum of 3 chunks.”

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I though David was still thinking about it and it’s not confirmed?

My tip of salt.

Overall it’s great.

EDIT: 8pm here is not the same. I don’t know if it’s already started…

Good one, will use it in the next one :smile:

Enthusiastic response to the presentation and lots of questions of people looking to understand deeper, good discussion going on, but then, SAFE network is the easiest thing to sell in the world :smiley:


Great news @Dirk83 and well done. Its one thing for those of us hanging around on the forum and a whole 'nother to go out there and explain it to an audience. [applause]



You inspired me I am going to follow your lead and host a meet up. Just need to look at my list of friends…uh :scream_cat:


Good initiative Dirk, let us know how it went!