How to store maidsafe?

Hi all,

I am very new to cryptocurrencies and would like to buy some maidsafecoin but I don’t know where to download maidsafe wallet.

Could someone explain in an easy way all the steps to store maidsafecoin safely?

I read that i need to buy maidsafecoin with bitcoin from masterexchange and then send them back to my bitcoin wallet…that’s the part i don’t understand, why exchange bitcoin for maidsafecoin and then send them back to a bitcoin wallet ? How can someone know my bitcoin are actually maidsafecoin ? I;m a bit confused.

Thanks in advance


thanks for the videos.

if anyone have any input about my storage questions, feel free to answer :smile:

1 Like will tell you how many maidsafecoins you have at your bitcoin address;

the video covers all the ground for buying maidsafecoins, and storing them;


hey thanks!

I am almost done now.Just have a few questions.

Coimarketcap says maidsafe price is 0.023932 but they are for sale at 0.00011199 on masterexchange do you know why?

If i store them in a btc address that also have BTC in it , when i deposit maidsafecoin on masterexchange will the site know that those BTC are maidsafecoin? what if i send over the maidsafe amount available, will the restbe added to my masterexchange BTC wallet?

Or is it only recommanded to use a BTC wallet to only store maidsafecoin?

Can i send maidsafecoin straight from masterexchange to my multibit wallet? Why should i use omniwallet if i just want to store them?

thanks again for your help

These questions were answered before, search the forum for keywords like MasterExchange, wallet.
Price: it’s more expensive because there’s no cheaper offer.

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Coinmarketcap shows maid/usd prices and exchanges show maid/btc prices

See image Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Price in red is the USD value of each Maidsafe coin.

You cannot currently buy Maidsafe with USD nor can you exchange USD for for Maidsafe.

All exchanges must be via Bitcoin (BTC) the price in blue,

Hope that helps.

I too am waiting eagerly for somewhere that I can store my maidsafe coins. has a BTC-denominated price, but it requires a rare skill - the willingness to spend some time on reading information shown on the page.

Here is why I keep rambling about having a wallet or safe storage space “Disclaimer: OmniChest is under active development and information displayed may be incorrect. OmniChest offers no guarantees of any kind. Use this service at your own risk. ENGINE v5.0 CORE v0.0.9-dev” thats from

Then you’ll keep rambling for a long time.
Find me one wallet that guaran-fxxxing-tees anything.

It would be completely insane for any wallet creator or business to offer any guarantee.
We’re not talking FDIC-backed banking cartels here, it’s a free market. You’re on your own.


Indeed, and @elek1 is confused about the difference between btc/maid and usd/maid

Hey man im just saying. If your gonna release a coin and make a sweet few million off of it, would be nice to create a wallet or some sort of storage device, that’s all.

And look at all the hacks and fraud and busts that went on in the early days of BTC…

lol thanks for sound advice

thanks for clarifying this, i should have looked more closely feel stupid :slight_smile:

OK another question. Does the maid balance only appear when using the omniwallet or is it also visible via the BTC wallet?

You are correct, thanks for your help, never really payed attention to this.

Even just a maidsafecoin key pair generator would be fine, so we can store them easily on paper wallet but a wallet is indeed very much needed especially for those like me who aren’t very technical. If i had a place that i feel safe storing my coins i would have bought a lot more for sure, i only invested 100$ for now as i really don’t like how storage works currently.

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My thoughts precisely.

The maidsafecoins are stored at a normal BTC address, omniwallet offers the service to view and send them.

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It is not possible to create a Safecoin wallet, and the Omniwallet is the correct wallet for MaidSafecoin and other coins issued on the Omni (previously known as Mastercoin) protocol.

The reason this seems confusing is because you have come to this recently and don’t know either the history or, understandably, the technical details.

So there is a MaidSafecoin wallet, and it is the Omniwallet.

All Omni coins are stored on normal BTC addresses, very like bitcoin is, but using a protocol that operates on top of bitcoin - hence they are only visible with the Omniwallet and using websites that are specifically designed to understand Omni-coins, and not visible to stuff that only knows about bitcoin.

A Safecoin wallet can only be created when the SAFE Network is up and running, and will be available at launch.

Crypto is complicated, it takes time to understand, and until it is “consumer proof” it is important to spend time learning or you can come unstuck. The best way to learn is to ask, and do your own research to back up what you think you’ve been told.