About Masterxchange

Will https://masterxchange.com be the only trading platform for Safecoin?
Is it descentralized and can i keep my Safecoins there with no worries?

masterxchange is not a decentralised exchange, so the owner can run away with your coins . (note: i am not commenting on the possibility of that happening).

currently, what being traded on the exchange is “maidsafecoin” which is only a token. this token can be exchanged to safecoin at the rate 1:1, by then you will have your own safecoin wallet.

also when then SAFE network goes live i believe that there will be many service providers providing exchange services.

Thank you for your answer!

Does anyone who has traded BTC for maidsafecoins on Masterxchange have an overview of how this works and any advice they would like to pass along to someone hoping to join the eventual proud owners of safecoins? A link to a howto/help doc or post would be wonderful. I searched around a bit but maybe I’m not searching hard enough :wink:

Thanks in advance…

Currently tricky to move msafe coins about, best bet is to create masterexchange account and deposit btc into it - then you can trade for msafe. It just works the same as any other exchange really, you just place your buy/sell orders. My advice is to buy lots while price is low!


Thanks, i’m now a proud owner of the temporary maidsafecoins. Wish I would have known about this before the funding but I’m excited to be a part of this world changing community.


Can anybody tell me how to move maidsafecoin out of my masterxchange account and into a wallet that I control?

I made two transfer from masterxchange to my wallet using masterchestwallet (https://masterchest.info/wallet.aspx) and the bitcoin-qt. (This only work in windows).

Download and run bitcoin-qt. Wait for the full blockchain and edit your bitcoin.conf with the following

Close and run bitcoin-qt again, say yes to reindex. When finish run masterchestwallet and wait for the blockchain. When the masterchestwallet is finish go to addresses and you can find the address to move your maidsafecoin (this address is one of your bitcoin wallet).
Copy this address and in masterxchange ask for a withdrawal. In hours you can see a little transaction in your bitcoin wallet and your maidsafecoin in the masterchestwallet.

Before send all your maidsafecoin made a test with few coins.

There are other solution with the omniwallet (https://test.omniwallet.org/) who work in linux o mac but I don’t try it.

I’m still a little confused about this.

So lets say I buy some Maidsafecoins on MasterXchange. I go to Withdrawal. Can I just send these to any Bitcoin address that I own?

The only complex party is if I want to sell, in which case I would need to use Omniwallet or something, import keys, add a little BTC to it, and then transfer through that service.

Basically, my big question: Do I just sent Maidsafecoins from the exchange to a BTC address in my possession?

Yes, you should send them to a Bitcoin address where only you have the private key.



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Amazing, perfect. And the follow-up question (I know this sounds dumb, but who knows with new technology), can you send Maidsafecoins to the same address in multiple transactions, and will they just add to the balance of that address?

Yes, if you use the same address you have the sum of all transactions.


Does anyone know of any wallets (preferably with two factor auth) which I can download and store my maidsafecoins on?

I think omniwallet is the only one right now. Mastercore is coming out with a new one aug 1. I’m waiting for that :slight_smile:

If I already have another cryptocurrency, is there any reason to go through Masterxchange? Why not install Omniwallet, note the new address, and then use shapeshift.io to exchange from Bitcoin to your Maidsafecoin address?

Or if you have a way to create trusted paper wallets for cold storage put your maid there and use omniwallet.org as a watch only wallet. Mycelium’s Entropy is an inexpensive way to create hundreds of paper-wallets. But in this case you want a non-wifi printer that prints off a usb stick or a computer printer combo that is never connected to the internet.