Marketing Category

Could we have a Marketing Category?

I would like to delve into achieving Public funding for the promotion of a SAFE internet for school children and I believe it deserves it’s own category, both For Profit/ Non Profit promotion of SAFE

I’m pretty sure most jurisdictions have a budget for cyber safety these days.


I think a Marketing Category would be great, but I don’t understand what you’re looking at re public funding. Voluntary contributions from public people are great. Stolen money (i.e., proceeds from any form of taxation) is not something that we should be soliciting for any reason.

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Educating parents about the network i.e the Public/Private aspects.

Total privacy has never before been an option…I can see parents being worried about this aspect. We are going to have kids that grow up as SAFE natives.

Cyber safety/bullying is becoming part of the education process now and so there is funding available in that area. SAFE is a new ball game and can piggy back off this funding i.e a small business opportunity as an educator.

Interesting point about “growing up SAFE”. It’s a good point and would could ameliorate a PR attack area on adoption to have some aspects thought through. I guess I’d not have a problem with an independant person incorporating SAFE education into a publicly supported program if they saw fit. The idea of “seeking public funding” is a bit abhorant to me, but I think I see what you’re getting at.