Recommend using this category to solve the spam issue

If we all can just give each other the benefit of the doubt and newbies a pass for not knowing better yet, I recommend funneling legitimate “calls to action” “looking for devs” “join our app project” kinds of stuff here in the projects category. This will take care of the non-problem before there is a problem. I’m saying that we should be able to list anything we’re doing to build the SAFE Network, for profit, for non-profit under the projects category and anyone can look here to find people or projects to work on. It’s an important purpose for this forum, I believe and it also handles the respect thing for talented devs who don’t want to be inundated with solicitations.


I’m assuming this is about me haha sorry folks! I’ll try to stay in proper categories

It’s just a recommendation so we don’t piss off the purists.

Lol I understand I had only posted in there because I didn’t know the answer and my question was directed at dev’s but had neglected to think of them seeing such a post in projects. Noted and corrected