Maidsafecoins wtb

I would like to buy some maidsafecoins. Anyone got any?

Create an account on Poloniex. Sent some BTC to your adress, look at the sell orders from other people, bid a good price and you’ll get your coins within seconds. Really easy.


Now is a great time to buy.

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So I can use an existing cold storage bitcoin address?


That is correct.

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How would you send out funds from a cold BTC wallet if it’s not sync’d with the blockchain?

at that point you’d have to bring it online by importing the private key through’

however, there are ways to sign a transaction and then take that signed transaction online without exposing the private key; I’ve not tried this for maidsafecoin yet; Is this something you’re interested in doing?

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Not yet anyway, just conceptually. I saw your answer to @gravitate 's question and thought, perhaps you could send funds out to an address in a cold wallet, duplicate your cold wallet to back it up. Only when you connect and sync with the blockchain would you see your funds transfer though. It’d be a “local IOU”, but I suppose it’s doable.

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How to send money to an address in a cold wallet without exposing the private key? which steps to take?

I bought some yesterday just for fun…

Bought it on poloniex once it was confirmed, I just went to the withdrawls and entered my public address and the full balance. It then sent the transaction the the bitcoin blockchain…

The blockchain just shows a few hundred satoshi going to several different addresses – But that is how the protocol works. If you go to the site you can look up the address and see the proper amount of coins in the address…

I suspect that you will want to sweep the private key into a master coin complaint wallet before you send the coin anywhere – but I haven’t gotten that far yet…

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