Investor Looking to purchase MaidSafeCoins for offline storage

Hi! Can you point me to the area where i can find out more about investing in this technology? I am interested in either purchasing Maidsafe coins to store offline, and or investing in up and coming developments that support this much needed platform.



You can buy MAIDsafe coins on an exchange like Poloniex. For offline storage you can use a Bitcoin paper wallet as MAIDsafe coins are Omni protocol tokens


Poloniex is the one that most trading is done on.

This is a list of all the markets you can buy Maidsafe Coin on.

I know there are videos on Youtube about how to use the exchanges also.

If you aren’t going to actively trade them make sure to store them in an offline wallet.


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As mentioned already, buy MAID with BTC on poloniex, then send them to a bitcoin key pairing where you control the private key. When you need to send them somewhere you can just import that bitcoin private key into ‘omni wallet’ and the omni wallet protocol will recognise the MAID in there and allow you to send them wherever you want…

Project Decorum (decentralised social network)
SAFE-FS (SAFE File Share)
Project N99 (creative content distribution)

You can buy PDC on Bittrex, but SAFE-FS or Seeds would have to be bought OTC for now as they’re not listed on any exchanges yet.


Good to note he will need BTC.


Or invest in MaidSafe itself. Speak with @nicklambert

2 Likes is going to list SAFE FS they said, but only after the rebranding process they are currently in. Might take a while, but it’s something to look for. :slight_smile:


and … not that I’m pushing it but it’s important option for ease of use, despite perhaps still being more expensive.

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They already listed it. You can trade SFSC/BTC in v0.4.9.9. Offline Storage would work the same as with MaidSafeCoins by the way.


You’re right, I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the heads up.