Are MAIDSAFECOINs on Poloniex real Safecoins?

What is Maidsafecoin on Poloniex?
Are these coins somehow related to Maidsafe?
I bought some but now realized that it might be a fake. I mean any such “poloniex” may create a pair a start trading it. BTC I can withdraw from Poloniex account to my BTC wallet which will be totally under my control but what with Maidsafecoin ?

those maidsafecoin will be exchanged into safecoin as soon as they exist and “are ready” :slight_smile:
so don’t worry too much - no fake

maidsafecoin are transferrable via the omni protocol if you search for “how to store maidsafecoin” or something like that you should find some threads about how to store maidsafecoin in your own wallet


These are the real ones. Always make sure to look for Maidsafecoin on the OMNI Protocol.

There are some very dodgy “MAID” coins on Counterparty DEX. I had a stack of them before I wised up.
Be VERY careful on CounterpartyDEX , here be dragons.

OTOH Scotcoin is on there and we are not dragons, just cuddly unicorns…


You will not only have to control the wallet BUT ALSO have the private key (singular). If some sort of multikey then make a BTC address that you have the private key for and use that. A paper wallet is sufficient if you don’t plan on moving them. You can generate a new key pair at

omniwallet wants the private key to start with “5” (WIF?) format

Omni tokens have a smart property ID. MaidSafe coins are #3.


Are MAIDSAFECOINs on Poloniex real Safecoins

You have the correct flavour as MAID but strictly, those are just a promise by Poloniex to give you MAID when you ask for them, in the same way as a bank holding your money… it doesn’t exist.

Reasons not to hold coins in exchanges are numerous previous failed exchanges. Poloniex is one of the better ones I’ve seen but still… trust what you control… if you do not know the private key, then you have nothing.

Important when MAID are exchanged for safecoins on the network that you hold those in your own wallet, as otherwise you are gambling that the exchange will manage the change for you.

You can send MAID to any BTC wallet address. Being Omni token, it is on the BTC blockchain and the balance is a sum of transactions, just like Bitcoin BTC. is useful for seeing your balance and sending Omni assets.

I’ll take this opportunity to suggest Omni is on Shapeshift now ShapeShift DAO

You can suggest it’s a matter of perspective perhaps… but then it’s the same with money in the bank - just a promise by the bank. It works while you trust the bank. Exchanges hold the coins in a pooled account. Such changes of state in altcoins have occurred before and require the exchange to play along. The big ones tend to of course but still it’s better to hold coins==private key yourself.

The point about cryptocurrency is there are no coins - there are only transactions. If you do not hold the private key, then you trust the third party - which is rather at odds with the point of distributed trust.

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Oops I just realised I misread what you said. I thought you meant Polo promises you to give you Safecoin for MAID, which they obviously don’t :slight_smile:
I’ve deleted it…