Maidsafe project status

i know there is some place on github that has the milestones listed out and status, but i cannot seem to find it easily.

please someone post the link to that or whatever is currently being used to keep track of status and upcoming milestones.


Weekly updates are posted here with all links. Search for dev update

ok thanks that is the blog post.

i found what i was actually referring to:

any updates on progress of list after Aug. 17th?

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i’m talking about the list i referred to in the link…

The roadmap is a general outline of things to be done. Since each task has many underlying tasks it’s hard to determine detailed project status from the roadmap. So, once all subtasks are completed they cross out the main task.

Also, didn’t you already ask for the roadmap a month ago? Lol.


This guy @dominikz has been using distraction and attempts at decreasing public confidence in our project. His petty jealousies are obvious and should be ignored. He is doing nothing to repair his (Own admitted) tarnished reputation. Grow up, get over it and participate in a constructive, meaningful way. I think all would respect that.

Come on MSC And Storj people. …collaborate. @dirvine has by far the most experience, wants to help and has the humility to learn from you.(accept this and put your ego aside) This is no time to let anything get in the way. Take a deep breath…all can and will win.


I happen to own a lot of MAID and I would like to know the status.

You all don’t have to be a-holes, just update the project timelines like any professional organization would do for its customers.

Yes I did and I expect a professional s/w org to have a product manager who is on top of it and updates roadmaps regularly as sprints get completed.

Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think so. Certainly not if you expect to be competing with the likes of IBM and Samsung, who apparently have admitted they like Ethereum over MaidSafe.

A lot of people with real thin skin on this forum.

very very close to testnet2 :smiley:

Last update was here: Dev Update :safe: Week Beginning 1 September

Next update should be very close. They have been relatively punctual with their updates, the next update seems to be taking a little longer, no reason to be so concerned about it.


Introducing Mr Dominik Zynis - (Former) Head of Communications at Mastercoin

@dominikz said: “Certainly not if you expect to be competing with the likes of IBM and Samsung, who apparently have admitted they like Ethereum over MaidSafe”

Update** From twitter response to @dominikz (@chloregy ), this tweet makes it sound like IBM (via @pbrody) have been working with ethereum for some time.

@dominikz said: why not fork @Maidsafe? have the best of both worlds

Paul Brody ‏@pbrody Sep 17
@chloregy at some point, you have to pick a platform and go with it. @ethereumproject have been great partners

Blog Post: Adept: IBM, Samsung, Bitcoin?

Yesterday, I included a quick blurb about IBM’s Paul Brody and his discussion with Gigaom regarding his company’s new open source, blockchain-dependent internet of things infrastructure project, called “Adept.” Last night, I had the chance to listen to the full podcast. (His interview starts at 22:10.)

The topic deserves its own post.

I was surprised at the subdued response from the rest of the Bitcoin community on this one. Granted, this has been a huge news week so far. Apple Pay’s Tuesday announcement was seismic and the ensuing punditry from both the mainstream media and bitcoin community buried the IBM story initially. And Coinbase’s announcement yesterday that they were launching in 13 new European countries and today’s news from the Bank of England all but ensured that Adept would stay below the fold.

But I think Gigaom (and later CoinDesk) omitted a pretty significant detail from their written coverage of the podcast. Brody says (at the 34:15 mark):

“I’m really proud to be able to say that we’re going to work with Samsung to have a prototype physical network based on this technology — ready (we hope) in time for CES in January.”

So IBM, one of the top five technology companies in the world, and Samsung, literally the largest technology company in the world, are working on a block chain product in time for CES this January. And no one else thinks it’s a big deal?

Fortune’s Dan Primack (the go-to source of news in the PE/VC scene) seems to be the only person in the mainstream media to have caught the significance of this understated announcement, writing yesterday:

“Yesterday’s most consequential tech announcement had nothing to do with watches. Instead, it was IBM saying that it will use bitcoin’s block-chain technology to build a distribution platform for the Internet-of-Things. As I’ve previously written, the real promise of bitcoin is the underlying technology itself, rather than its various applications for stored value or payments. And this appears to be the first time that a large tech company is putting serious resources behind trying to achieve that promise.”

When I made similar suggestions last night on twitter, some folks immediately objected that this was not truly “Bitcoin” news because it wasn’t clear that IBM would immediately use the Bitcoin block chain. Shocking. This may be the biggest endorsement of Bitcoin’s underlying protocol yet — from not one, but two major global technology companies. Not to mention, Adept may use the Bitcoin block chain itself.

Whey I reached out to IBM’s Brody for clarification on this point, he told me that the company “hadn’t finalized the [Bitcoin] side chain / alternative chain decision yet.” He wouldn’t comment further (for now), so I reached out to a couple of experts from the bitcoin community to solicit their thoughts.

“Tagging something to an existing block chain is relatively easy to do from a technical standpoint,” says Anders Brownworth, a bitcoin technologist and founder of the Cambridge Bitcoin group. So even if IBM chose to create its own block chain for the Adept proof of concept, it could always opt to “attach” that chain to bitcoin’s at intermittent points in the future. According to Brownworth, “Inserting a SHA of the Adept block chain into the bitcoin block chain would be a stronger guarantee that you have the correct Adept chain, and that what you see in the Adept block chain is very likely accurate.”

The question then is whether Adept could be built a) on top of the Bitcoin protocol, much like Mastercoin or Counterparty; b) as a separate framework, much like NXT or Ethereum; or c) as a “side chain” which could have a two-way relationship with the block chain.

The most exciting outcome for bitcoin would clearly involve some type of close integration with the Bitcoin protocol — either as a new protocol built on top of Bitcoin, or as a new protocol which utilized side chains. Yet IBM seems to be shying away from touching the bitcoin currency in any way, and unfortunately, side chains don’t actually exist yet.

Chain co-founder Adam Ludwin explains, “Side chains remain a conceptual, unproven technology today, as there aren’t yet in any production that you can point to. This requires some changes to the core bitcoin protocol.” That leads Ludwin to believe that IBM could ultimately choose to go their own way, innovating “at the protocol level to release a new distributed consensus algorithm” rather than relying on a true block chain per se.

However, both Ludwin and Brownworth agreed that if IBM were to build a true block chain infrastructure, the company’s best bet would be to leverage Bitcoin. Brownworth speculates that Bitcoin’s block chain has a higher chance of survival in the long-term than IBM’s own fully maintained block chain given the infrastructure investments that both networks would require. Big Blue could, at any point now or in the future, rely on the longest publicly running block chain in history - bitcoin’s.

As Brownworth asks, “Why reinvent the wheel?”

[Important caveat: Adept hasn’t even released its white paper or source code yet, so keep that in mind. Anders and Adam were gracious enough to talk conceptually about the possibilities for Adept, not the likelihoods.]

An anonymous commenter on the Gigaom post argued that Adept is essentially a carbon copy of Ethereum, but I don’t know how to respond to that.

The raw combination of ideas does seem similar, though. Adept will use the block chain, BitTorrent and secure messaging tech Telehash, while Ethereum plans to use a block chain, Swarm (similar to BitTorrent?) and Whisper (secure messaging).

But Ethereum comes from the early Bitcoin crowd, so it’s obviously going to be better. :stuck_out_tongue:

there are weekly updates and when something on the roadmap is finished it will get crossed. I know the status from looking at those two things, what are you missing ?

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The next update will cover Sprint 2, which I expect to post at the end of this week.


Temper this language and act responsibly! You are on twitter advising forks, do you want us to do all your work for you? You have replied to dev updates in the past and are coming across in a very unusual manner. If somebody prefers a screwdriver over a set of pliers, it may be because they need a screwdriver!

Are you saying our updates are not helpful or you just forget you have read them? or do you reply to them without reading them? In any case your input is only a nuisance without substance. I think you should contribute some of your perceived knowledge in a more constructive manner if you want to help out.

Gonna need a reference for this to even contemplate a conversation. If you can provide and authoritative link it would help.


These things don;t affect us here. Dump the MAID there’s more than several folks who would not mind absorbing your position.


Its becoming more clear what happened to MSC and its a shame. The product has so much positive potential.

@dominikz as you are so invested in maid wouldn’t it behoove you to PM your concerns to those that could calm you down and give you the answers you so desperately desire, thereby protecting your investment from false rumours? Although, i havent seen one of you cocerns that hasnt been already answered on the forum.
Your behavior and lack of professionalism would be grounds for dismissal from any organization. You ask for things that are already there and have been answered. Seemingly in an attempt to give the impression that they dont exist and there is ineptitude here. What am i supposed to think. Your motives are suspect.


MaidSafe reputation system prototyping in the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if @dominikz made a new profile, would his posts be the same, or especially similar? Would replies to posts and topics be similar?

Could he redeem himself as someone else? As himself, though enlightened?


That’s fine, you’ve clearly asked for it before, though. Why are you specifically concerned about the roadmap? If you really were interested in project status, you would have taken the advice to read the dev updates and not continuously ask about the roadmap.

Also, congrats on dumping MSC holdings for MAID. Lots of people in your shoes.

Being an a-hole is subjective. I’m sure many people here think you are doing the same by prodding about a roadmap when the link has been shared with you in the past. A forum search for “roadmap” would have given you this link… and your previous discussion about the project milestones.

A lot of the comments you’ve left recently have had a passive aggressive tone that a lot of people here are picking up on and reacting to. While our reactions could be better at times, we are not going to just bend to the whim of someone from Mastercoin who is clearly in the know about our project. It’s not like your some newb asking basic questions.


This thread is also not a Project.


@dirvine Yes, I have read the dev blog posts as well, thanks for posting them; I could not figure out from reading them which parts of the roadmap should be crossed off.

I simply wanted an updated roadmap.

I had looked for it and didn’t find it since it had not been updated because as it turns out there was nothing yet to cross off. But before I knew that, which came to light in this thread, the thought occurred to me that others may be in that same situation, and that posting about it would be a good resource for others. Apparently a poor choice on my part, which I will take care to avoid repeating.

@melvin thank you for pointing out that the items on the roadmap will get crossed off as they are finished.

@hamiltino thanks

Sorry to everyone for the commotion, enjoy the rest of your week.