Any Update On Apps and installers?

Any update on what’s been going on? Any ETA?


It would be useful to have a clear sense of where the timeline is at now. I had been looking to the roadmap at Roadmap · maidsafe-archive/MaidSafe Wiki · GitHub but that doesn’t seem updated since August.

Off topic but I have to say I find the forum hard to navigate and would prefer the standard sectioning of information, with then perhaps just one place to look for an update and catchup tldr; summary every so often. Is there a FAQ or updated roadmap somewhere? The circular emails seem to be simply quoting the top of the last few new threads.


Yeah they said they’d be making a new type of roadmap soon with much more detail on it

Yes Nick is leading a charge for a much clearer overview roadmap and we have been trying to have Jira publish our internal workflow and jobs done. It is really hard to get the devs to stop and make updates, which I can understand to an extent, but I see the frustration it causes. The devs say folk can log into Jira and see real time what is happening, or see every commit and pull request in github,

We need some form of rolling birds eye view and this is what we are working on as github commits and even jira tasks are probably way too detailed. The key will be somehow automating tasks into roadmap entities and marking progress that way. I know there is a lot of effort there, but not from the core devs as they are really under immense pressure (I gladly do not get headaches, they do :wink: ) so its more the Qa and admin teams doing this part at the moment and I know they have difficulty linking detailed work to higher level roadmap entries. It has to be done though, the number of people who point out the github roadmap is incredible, we figured it was much harder to find that the updates here and on the dev mailing list.

This is an area we are not great at but need to improve, I am very keen its not turned into some fancy marketing though and is very accurate and actually tells people something valuable and honest. Like all roadmaps though its historically accurate and the future parts are nearly always wrong or subject to change (this is the problem trying to use jira automatic roadmaps, as we add tasks they change so progress can seem to go backwards as more tasks are added). I am sure the website update that is happening now will help an awful lot and we can redirect that damn github roadmap to that :slight_smile:

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I would be willing to summarize the GitHub commits and the jira updates (after I get a Jira account) into a thread on this forum (or perhaps something better) that everyone could be pointed to.

I follow very regularly, and sign on here more than a couple times a day, and could keep even a detailed roadmap very updated.

I’m just a follower, and after making the “Most Wanted App” thread into a concise list, I’ve been looking for more ways to help out.

Could take some weight off your shoulders