MaidSafe Dev Roadmap

Hi Everyone,

A short note to confirm that we have not forgotten about making the much needed update to our high level roadmap. This is definitely overdue and having just finished planning our next sprint (which started today) we are well placed to get this done and I anticipate finalising the changes in the next couple of days. We’ll get them added to (we will also cross post here) by the middle of next week once @ioptio arrives in bonny Scotland. Thanks for bearing with us folks.


Super, many thanks! :slight_smile:

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We have been working on a new dev roadmap and while it is taking shape, we are still in the process of finalising a couple of aspects. In the meantime we thought it would be good to provide what the first couple of releases will look like prior to publishing the roadmap which should happen toward the end of this week. As you now know, the roll out will be an iterative process with new features added with each iteration.

Release 1
Cross platform (Windows, OSX, Linux) desktop installers
Network (Crust, routing and vaults) running on external nodes
Remote client access and account creation
Simple vaults - LAN only
Initial Farming Rate data storage mechanism
Communication through TCP
NFS REST API exposing persistent remote storage

Release 2
Testing safecoin: Farming rate completion enabling measurement of algorithms
Farming attempt (farm safecoins for Get requests (needs Clarification)
MPID (public open drive and messaging)
UTP communication - enabling addition of community run vaults to the network
App launcher
Sample UI based apps commence


Do release 1 and release 2 come only after the roadmap items are checked off? Or are release 1 and 2 part of the upcoming roadmap?

These will replace the existing roadmap. So, you will see us come away from the test net 1,2,3 approach, instead showing how the individual libraries roll out and come together to form each release. It will give a more accurate picture of progress and give a better indication of how everything fits together.


Wow! Very impressive Nick! That is really excellent news!!!


@nicklambert can you do me a favour and strong arm @Ross to include other device platforms and architectures in this new road map? ARM hint, hint :slight_smile:


I see what you did there!

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:smiley: I had a go with an odroid yesterday and slid down a 2 hour rabbit hole, still on the radar.