Project milestones and timelines

Can anyone point me to documentation on milestone dates, planned release timelines, etc.

thanks in advance

  1. Look for “Dev update” posts like below.
    Dev Update :safe: Week Beginning 4th August 2014 - #5 by dllasoff - Updates - Safe Network Forum

  2. A recent schedule is here:
    Roadmap to Release? - Updates - Safe Network Forum

  3. Compare dev updates against the roadmap to figure out deviations and delays

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There are no dates, just the roadmap which has items marked complete (but not all the subtasks) as the dev updates are published.

thanks guys.

how does one participate in the testnets?

Install, configure, start.

But there’s not much that can be done now with the code so unless you’re a developer it seems to me there’s no need to participate until testnet3.

i was hoping for a more detailed answer beyond this.

like where are the install instructions, where are the config instructions, how do i start.

do not assume who i am, or who i have working for me.

You need to get the code from github and compile it. If you’re up for that there is a how to build guide in the documentation and lots of help here (plus some posts of people’s experience/tips if you search - not much yet though! Example how to build on Ubuntu 14.04 from yours truly).

Once built, as @janitor says, not a lot you can do yet, but that is going to change quite quickly with example apps being released for us to play with, and when the public testnet is available the fun will start :slight_smile: (currently you just run a local testnet on your own machine).

tldr; If you want to take part in the testnets, for the moment you need to build from source.

I guess it’s too much to expect that people in need for that info will click on the very first sticky post at the top of the home page of this site and on the first link in that post navigate to System Docs which contains FAQs for developers…

@janitor I find your response @dominikz here belittling and offensive and something I personally don’t want to see on this forum.

I recently read at the top of one of the Linux forums a guideline that I hope @David will incorporate: “there is no such thing as a stupid question” and it went on to reassure people that it was ok to speak and that they won’t be made unwelcome. I want this forum and SAFE to feel safe for everyone.

to be honest, i, and probably many others, filter out stuff at the top of the forums, just like i filter out google search adverts :smile:

ok thanks, i will give it a try this weekend or early next week