MaidSafe -- how can it find my files, without a blockchain?


My name is Alexey “Technologov”, and I’m looking at advanced Crypto 2.0 platforms.
And so far StorJ is building decentralized, incentive-based file storage system, based on StorJ blockchain, that I can understand.

But Maidsafe seems to offer similar functionality (coin + app platform + file storage), without a centralized ledger, without a blockchain !

Anyone understands how can it possibly work?
If a client connects to the network, how the network can find his files? Or his coins?

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Check the 1st post, the welcome to Maidsafe one - it explains things clearly - a bit too complicated to answer in a post. Cheers

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Welcome Alexey! You can find everything about how the networks works in the system docs over here:

There’s also a good explanation about the SAFE network at:

If you’ve still got questions after checking these websites feel free to ask them!


By using a distributed hash (Kademlia) table, similar to Bittorrent. It is used as a routing layer. All nodes and all data chunks have their own 512 bit address in this “ExclusiveOR space”.

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The wiki is also useful.

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