Maidsafe storage services

Does anyone have an idea of what Maidsafe is aiming for with their storage service?
Will it be a Dropbox-like platform where I can easily upload files that are then distributed across the blockchain?
I have also read that it will incorporate some features that golem has as well, like lending your harddrive space or CPU power.
Is what I have said above correct, and have I read it right that this will be released with Alpha 4?
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No, read this:

And this:


Basically no. You have much to read.

No blockchain in SAFE and it is not a ‘storage service’.

There’s no quick explanations I’m afraid. You’ll have to commit at least a few days if you even want a basic understanding of how it works.

As I said to someone else a few days ago…


Thank you very much!
I’ll start doing some research…


To answer the points raised:

The SAFE Network won’t be the new Dropbox in itself as it is more akin to the underlying infrastructure, but an application like Dropbox is likely to be one of the early apps built on SAFE, IMO. But SAFE is more than just storage, it has networking and web-like attributes too. There is no blockchain, instead it’s an advance on earlier peer-to-peer technologies like BitTorrent.

Yes, ‘farming’ (the equivalent of mining) will be achieved by lending out hard drive space, and in later iterations (probably) CPU power too. That will not happen until Beta however, when the network currency SafeCoin is introduced. Trials of ‘vaults’ (lending out drive space) have already been carried out and will be re-introduced at Alpha 4. You can find a roadmap here Providing Privacy, Security and Freedom | MaidSafe

You may find this a good place to start your research.


Thank you very much.
This is a very clear answer to my questions.

It is great to know that Maidsafe has such a great community :slight_smile: