Maidsafe frozen on Poloniex exchange - Legal action required?


After very long period of inactivity I just recently noticed that poloniex froze all Maidsafe withdrawals. I still have quite a lot of Maidsafe on Poloniex that are now frozen.

Not your keys, not your crypto … i know !

YET! While browsing the forum it seems that they recently moved a bigger chunk of around 780.801Maisafe out of their wallet.

I wrote an email to their support team, and they simplied lied and said their node was out of sync.
So they can move Maid around.
Is there a possibility to take legal action against Poloniex here ?

Here is the reply from their support team:

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to transfer a delisted asset out of your Poloniex account at this time. When a currency gets delisted, the Poloniex node is no longer synced to the currency’s network which makes withdrawals impossible.

Please keep in mind that we announce all delistings and timelines for removing tokens from our exchange in an email sent to every customer who held a balance in said token. We also posted on Twitter, in our Help Center, and the Notices section.

Once the timeline passed, deposits and withdrawals were disabled for this asset. Your balance is now archived and no longer available for withdrawal.

Our terms state that we have the ability to delist assets at any time, but if we ever decide to re-list a previously delisted coin, we will be sure to contact all customers with an old balance. Let us know if we can help with anything else.


I would definitely pursue this as far as you can. The wonderful thing about blockchain is that it is a permanent, immutable, and public record. They moved >700K MAID last month. They can’t deny this. I hope you get your MAID back.


Sorry to hear this @s11made !

In this topic, I have described how the community can deal with the thieves directly:

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I’ve been stalking them over the last month to get to the bottom of this. I can assure you, the support team isn’t going to help. All they’re doing is lying and deceive. It takes them a week to answer to come up with another bullshit answer.

If you want to take legal actions I fully support you even though I have no remaining funds at Poloniex myself. But yeah, I did want to notify you of my actions, will save you a month of going back and forward without any answer.


Thanks for the support.

So did you manage to get the Maidsafe transferred to you after the beginning of the freeze period ?
I saw in their terms that they have a “Formal Complaint Process” . Did you follow this ?

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No, I had all my MAID withdrawn before they froze the assets.

I’ve been going through the regular support channel, asked for someone higher up, they agreed, he didn’t answer anything either. that’s pretty much where I am at now ;p

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I have the same problem with my MAID and SYS coins… I would actually offer 50% of my coins to someone who will get my coins back from poloniex :smiley:

Pretty crazy they can legally do this…

Imagine you are in a coma or for whatever reason are not able to see your email, they just able to take your property without compensation?

Pretty crazy to me! Crypto is still the far west, the quickest draw still wins the day…


Imagine being a hacker and stealing from the community, how nice a decentralized project would be to be able to remove stolen tokens.

Wait, we have an example of this - Ethereum Classic.

It is very sad that we will let these thieves take people’s money:

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Hi is there any news on this. I have the same problem.
7000 Maids are lost :frowning: And the gave me the exact same answer they gave you.

Hope to hear some good news.

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Exchanges and banks are the worst thieves…

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Definetly, but the weirdest thing is I can still see them in my account.
If we go to safecoin isn’t it an option to prove I still have these coins in Poloniex including trade history and ID etc.? And maybe they can then be swapped.
Long story short, can we do something to block poloniex and help the early adaptors. I bought my maids in 2017.

I doubt you can do anything without cooperation from Poloniex because you can’t prove ownership of something they hold on your behalf.


They might have dumped the coins, so that would result in a double issuance

We can’t just block them, they could have many coins that were legitimately earned.

My opinion is that the moment you become a bad player and start stealing people’s life savings, you lose all rights.

Ethereum may be a useless blockchain, but at least I got my DAO money back, the Poloniex thieves should be punished.

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Yeah, everyone has a different view.
Personally eth doing the roll back made me want to never use it.
If I’d have lost money maybe I’d have a different view.

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Social consensus. All crypto is just that. Now it is easy to ignore 1-2 people who cry. But when MAID gets to $ 10, a lot more crying people will show up here.

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Didn’t we already see the coins move from the 1Polo wallet?