How to store maidsafe?

I wrote to them a few times - I complained that only 30 days notice was given.

They categorically claimed that they cannot return the assets - i.e. they have been delisted - and, while a record remains that I held them, they cannot be accessed (which I took to mean deleted)

I said that I couldn’t understand why they didn’t forcibly convert the MAID into BTC in Poloniex, to avoid the problem. They said that would take that idea under advisement.

They were ambigious about their exact location…and I had figured that it would be a mountain of work to even begin to know what legal rights we would hold in that jurisdiction as coinholders too…

The whole thing really got me down - I didn’t have a huge huge investment BUT it’s the principle, isn’t it? A real-world example of caveat emptor I guess - I’ve concluded that it was my fault for not putting the coins into an OMNI wallet :frowning: If I’ve concluded incorrectly, do tell me!

I’d be happy to share the responses I had from Poloniex if it would be of real use to somebody who might want to initiate legal action. I for one don’t have he resources :frowning: