MaidSafe blog post: The Ants Are Coming!

It is fair to say that MaidSafe have been fairly quiet in our communication of late, not a complete radio blackout, but certainly low key. This has been intentional on our part. Communication can lose its meaning and impact if you shout about every little thing. We like to keep our powder dry, as they say.

But, now we have something meaningful to convey!

I want to bring everyone who is interested up to speed with what we have been doing during 2015, specifically the past three months, which have been some of the most transformational in MaidSafe’s nine-year history. We do make weekly dev updates on the community-run forum, but these can be pretty technical, and not everyone can get a full picture that way. So I will try and condense these points into as limited an amount of technical language as I can muster.

Read the entire blog post by @nicklambert:


You made my day!

Keeps going! The ants will be unstoppable!


mmmm blobs

I made some blobs, no idea what they are, but it felt pioneering.


I want blobs, too! I don’t know how to make them. Can you send me some? :innocent:


Sure, follow this post…make a container and put some blobs in it.

The devs are going gaga over this stuff, but when you look at it…it’s just a bunch of blobs sitting in their own terminals doing bugger all…ignoring each other really.

I’ve included a highlights reel of the experience so far:


Impressive. @nicklambert @Melvin … Heating up might be understating things. Thanks for the herculean efforts all involved.


It would be unfair to say you have no soul…

It’s just that its a big blob of zeroes.

Blobs have feelings too , you know. Sob.


We are all so very proud of the entire Development Team! Congrats!!


Blog translated and released:


Reposted to about 2000 Chinese speaking people in my groups on FB!


I wonder if this is the reason for the overnight rise from 0.000075ish to nearly 0.00009 on Poloniex?

Thank you for translating.

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I just finished reading the article again (with google translate) and I followed the link to

According to the description of the maidsafe_vault crate:

This is Pre alpha, and not useful, no code worth looking at.

@dirvine! Not useful? No code worth looking at? I wouldn’t quite say that about maidsafe_vaults, I had quite a fun time playing with it! Although maybe it isn’t actually that useful yet… the code still is pretty impressive for what it accomplishes!


Yeah - so not worth looking at I copied @Doomedj2008 and got took a Digital Ocean droplet.

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@Doomedj2008 if your droplet is up to date and working, would you consider making it into an image so we can all start from the same baseline?

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I didn’t really do anything special with my droplet to warrant cloning it. Besides, with testing, you don’t want everyone to start from the same baseline, bugs don’t get found/solved that way.

Here are the steps I took to create a droplet:

  1. Create a $5 droplet (I used debian).
  2. Install rust from the command on their site, curl -sSf | sh -s -- --channel=nightly
  3. Install git and screen sudo apt-get install git screen
  4. Create a second non-root user account and su account-name into it.
  5. Clone the git repository into a directory: git clone
  6. Open up a new screen with screen.
  7. Run the vault: cargo run --release -- --first
  8. Take note of the port that the node is listening on.
  9. Disconnect from the screen with Ctrl + a and then press d.

Additional things to do:

  1. Reconnect to the node with screen -r some-number.
  2. Give the node’s ip/port out to people!

Wanting to start from same baseline to simplify trying again to connect.
Given enough eyes, all bugs ARE shallow but if they are all looking from the same pair of shoulders then its not necessarily true.
Your point is well made.