SAFE network community update: May 12 '15

As a community we have come to expect a weekly update from the core devs. They take time out of their busy week to let us know how things are going that we can’t see or don’t understand. We, as a community, should should give them the respect in return to let them know how we are helping out. This doesn’t mean everyone should post every week, but if you have contributed, shared, explained to people, let us know.

This week a continued learning rust. I played around with some examples and broke a few things with edits trying see how it works and “what happens if?” I must say, as far as code goes, the maidsafe team makes it beautiful.

Please share your contributions, thoughts, or ideas on how we, as a community, can help the project as a whole.


I really like the idea of returning the favor of the dev update by making a community update from our side :smile: i wonder whats the best format though? Weekly/monthly? Compiling it somewhat or everybody just posting individually?

From my side i’ve been lending my humble services for the german translation of the system docs and now contributing to the wiki. Basically im up for anything that does not require programming skills. other than that i spread the word to everybody who is interested and also who is not interested :wink:


Great idea @wes

This past week i bought MaidSafeCoins because the price was low ($ 0.018835). I just get super exited when the price is low, because in my mind this is the real MONEY of the future.

I’m suppose to do the Dutch translation of Maidsafe… But just like the transcripts I did for the Maidsafe Youtube clips (eventually I send some one LTB coins to get it done,because I got too lazy) I really dislike it. The process is inefficient and shouldn’t be done by humans. Computers should do things like translate/transcripts and I’m now totally in a trance cause I can’t figure out how to make it so… I wonder if others who are translating have a secret formula like:

  • Just reading the text into skype translator and let it get spit out in their language of choice.
  • Even lazier, Let Adobe reader read it, wire that to Skype translator and let it get spit out in their language of choice.

Hmmmm I totally forgot that their is something with the name of: Google translator Copy/Paste Select output language Jesus!

@hillbick prepare for a few pull requests

Last week I started to learn coding HTML/CSS via Codecademy, but that’s not really coding. I found this software named Pagecloud, so I don’t really know why I’m wasting my time with html/css

Ooh yeah Pagecloud costs money
Codecademy doesn’t

I donated a few pennies to @fergish for his great podcast (The Safe Network content providers should be rewarded)


Please don’t just copy and paste the text into google translator, even though it might get the point across, it’ll most likely screw up the translation. Some chapters in the systemdocs are really complicated, I’d say even for a native speaker, let alone google translator. Even though translation software did improve a lot over the last few years, they’re nowhere near the quality a human produces (yet) I don’t think anyone that did translations has some secret formula, just long hours, dedication and coffee :stuck_out_tongue:

If we could do it, you can as well. And your fellow countrymen will thank you for your service of course :slight_smile:

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Hi Hillbick,

I’m aware to not just copy/paste, but also read both and now and then make a few minor adjustments. Google translator helps, but as you say

Thanks that your keeping the translations so well organized.

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Did someone say transcriptions? I transcribed a number of Peter Joseph’s earlier bi-weekly podcast updates, for the Zeitgeist Movement earlier this decade (or 2009). I also transcribed 95% of the following movie back then: (“Future by Design” from Jacque Fresco). Ah brings back memories. I feel like I learned another college semester’s worth of English, as far as structure goes for the podcasts anyway, by doing those. The one was a bit more difficult and time consuming to do. Anyway, developers can shoot a transcription project my way and I’ll take the time to do it, or some of it.

(I’m bad at other languages, and transcriptions aren’t rocket science, though I’m quite passionate about such a silly little offering. I’m not so sure machines can do this yet, especially if there are thick accents involved, which I can’t even interpret that well; luckily I have $1800 headphones and $800 headphone amplifier, and rewinding.)

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This week I am continuing progress on establishing security properties of the grouping of nodes in XOR Space following the questions I asked to myself here:

The paper is progressing nicely and I hope to be able to give a presentation of some of the core results to my lab on May 26th. @frabrunelle showed interest in attending and depending how well things go, we might turn that into a Meetup in Montreal and then more Youtube videos.


Today I have defended my coursework which is dedicated to the SAFE Network and received 10/10 :blush:
Not only the coursework itself (which is near 30 pages of text) but also I’ve prepared a presentation with help of which I’ve told the committee about the work and then answered several questions. Furthermore I’m going to translate those slides to English and show it here in forum. So, a little spread of SAFE ideas has happened and I’m glad enough.
Moreover, everyone from my classmates loved my SAFE T-Shirt :smiley:

On the weekend I’m going to translate SystemDocs further which helps me to learn SAFE ideas as well. I expect Testnet3 so much, can’t wait it :eyes:


Honestly, today I played video games…

But I still longed for the SAFE network at all hours though!