MaidSafe Dev :safe: Update 4th May 2015

Hi Everyone,

@nicklambert’s prediction of another incredibly busy and productive week in the last update transpired to be very, very accurate. If you are watching the activity in our Rust repos you will see the MaidSafe train is currently rattling along at full speed. So did we meet all of the aggressive objectives outlined last week in this iteration? …not quite, meaning the current Sprint has rolled over into this week. On Friday we were almost feature complete, with only some outstanding integration tasks in the client and routing libraries. The decision was made to complete these in extended Sprint mode and maintain the momentum. The extended Sprint will also focus on testing and bug squashing our completed code, thus ensuring everything from crust upwards behaves as we expect it should for this iteration. So this is not a planning week for us, most of the core team sprint on…

Last week we reported we would be testing Crust firstly in a multi-platform local area network configuration, then using Digital Ocean droplets. This did go ahead and highlighted some features missing from the example which we are now in the process of adding to the Crust code and once complete we shall repeat this testing process (starting today). Overall though the Crust library and tests are looking in good shape and able to be run across networks. Routing shall follow a very similar testing pattern once we are happy with Crust. Vaults are self tested and ready to plug in as well as Client so anyone interested can also peek and poke around in there. So as previously mentioned, testing and fixing bugs is very much a focus for the team for this week.

The plan to migrate from @dirvine’s repos to MaidSafe company repositories is still planned to happen after the current Sprint. Until then you can follow our repositories progress in my temporary “dashboard” . As the landscape is moving at speed this picture can transition from vast swathes of green (my favourite) to some red, yellow or grey blips and back to green again in a blur.

Here is the link to yesterday’s team meeting transcript.

As you can see from the transcript lots of MaidSafe life continues outwith the Sprint bubble, with excellent progress being made in the prototyping of the Messenger app by the frontend guys. Another break-away team existing outwith the Sprint are working on making sentinel more generic and standalone into it’s own lib. Sentinel is at the heart of validating the requests a group makes on the network by independently verifying the cryptographic signatures of such claims. The teams aim is to crystallise the logic and make it accessible to other decentralisation projects by moving it to a standalone Rust crate. It forces the logic to become generic and independent of choices made in routing.

@nicklambert is representing the team and network at Collision Conf in Las Vegas, so lets hope “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is not the case and we get a full report next week. @BenMS is also flying the MaidSafe flag this week, presenting at Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam.

Next week will see the unveiling of “individual library maintainers” who will all answer questions on their libraries for any interested people wishing to get involved. This helps spread the load significantly and should allow even easier integration with the community.

This weeks library / application to focus on; Accumulator. The Accumulator crate is now also production ready and available to be used. The Accumulator is a container that will accept key value pairs until a size is reached.

As always, if you would like more information on a specific area please ask and we will do our utmost to provide more detail.

p.s. @dirvine mentioned the Self Encryption example last week and @BenMS has also posted on here about it. If you haven’t tried the Self encryption example yet and are technically inclined I would definitely recomend giving it a spin - instructions are now here


Thank you for the update!


Nearly one year since this update, and the project has gone from somewhat hypothetical to almost-alpha :slight_smile: and the responses to such updates have gone from one comment to a torrent.