Maidsafe and Safecoin Icon, Logo and Graphics (made in Blender)

Right earlier in another thread we were talking about developing blender graphics. (I’m tired and want to go to bed so will quote it later if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.) @chrisfostertv The pics you posted were awesome.

Anyway I was thinking of some concept ideas for the coins and what not so thought I’d jot down some ideas and post some quick renders of what I have so far.

Ideas for coin graphics:

  1. Chinese coin parody with 1 SC and the hole between the two characers, all embossed and maybe some stylized edging. Come to think of it that’d be a nice poke at how at how the Chinese are restricting freedoms in their own country.

  2. 2 sided coin, kind of roman denarius kind of thing. 1 with the maidsafe logo and the other with an S or SC. Silver edging with blue inlay (personally I’d go for cobalt inlay just because I like cobalt blue and it’d make for a nice background what with all the bright colours of the maidsafe logo there).

  3. Crazy idea (maybe I’m just too tired) forget the disc entirely. It’s overdone. Use another shape. Cube or pyramid perhaps? I know discs are classic for coins but hey we are changing the paradigm.

Like I said I’m exhausted just throwing stuff out there. Ok on to my renders. I just did a couple quick renders of what I had in the blend file. Was going to do this with cycles but am still learning about the nodes and node editor. Wanted to put glowing orbs or better yet glowing balls of coloured fire at the corners of the triangle but that’s proving to be a pain in the ass (the fire I mean), at least in cycles it is. I can do it in blender render but it looks like crap. But here’s what I’ve got so far.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress and yes I know it needs editing. Just thought I’d show you what I had so far.


Are these in a cad software; I’ll have prototypes 3d printed if you don’t mind.

Really awesome that you’re pulling through on this… Nice ground breaking work btw


+1 for including S and c within the branding as I think this can unify all representations:

  • word: Safecoin
  • abbreviation: SC
  • symbol: S with small c in the centre (for example)

No I made these in blender but I think I can export to CAD. I’ll have to double check.

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Here’s a quick render of my work so far on the new safecoin. (I’ve only got one side done so far.)


really nice work, can’t wait to see the finalized design. In my opinion you need to have the blue/white theme.

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Well shit. I tried to animate the whole thing and ended up screwing up the keyframes. (it ended up flying apart for some reason. I think I need to lock the position as well as rotation. Annoying.) So basically I need to redo a whole crapload of work because I had to revert to an old save. But I managed to snag a screenshot (again only of the front sorry). Here you go.

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These are very nice, though what about the mobius ring?

Are these 3D CAD like?

Lol got distracted by the coin idea. Sorry that’s my ADD acting up lol. Hold on I’ll modd it a bit and I’ll export some CAD files for you.


Blender does not have a great CAD exporter. This is as close as I can find and it seems to be in development.

What file formats does your CAD program accept?

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STL would be a winner

Wish granted. Cahoots — Ann Arbor tech coworking

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well the file type is correct.

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Ah but it only exported the object I had selected at the time. Hmmm let me try again.

Ok @dallyshalla try this Cahoots — Ann Arbor tech coworking No guarentees but I had everything selected this time. Maybe that will help.

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I don’t know how to say this politely so i won’t say anything.

@reivanen then what was the point in commenting? Obviously you’re upset by something. If you’ve got a problem just say it or don’t.

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@Blindsite2k You got it! I will show this to the manufacturer and get his input in terms of makability etc; Nice steps forward!\

I should add that I am using tinkerCAD

it was recommended to me by the independent owner of 3D printed prototyping firm for your ‘fortune 500 companies’

I guess that makes MaidSafe fortune 500 :wink:

Don’t forget to give me credit for my work. :smile: And I’ve got more design ideas where that came from. I’m still working on the coin here. Once printed you might try painting that thing (if you can’t manage to print it in multiple coloured plastic).

Quick render of the remake of the safecoin. This time round I decided to play around with making our own currency character a bit.


How about making it look even more like an old fasioned safe dial?
So the coin represents unlocking a safe?

Edit: unusually… i’ve replied to a 2 year old post. It looked like a top recent post. No idea how I found it. haha.

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Guys this does not look that good. Sorry.