SAFE Community Assets

TestNet3 is just around the corner and the anticipation is killing me. I decided to occupy my time by making “amateur” teasers for Safecoin. Unfortunately, I don’t have a logo for the SAFE Network yet…

I hope it’s okay that I used some of the assets from and on this forum.

This topic can be a place for everyone to share/link their community creations. You guys are more than welcome to use these. They belong to Project SAFE now. :smile:

I uploaded 3 teasers on my David Yamanaka youtube channel.


I modified the original asset images to display better on video. For example, I removed the white background on the wee plane image to make it look like a plane and not a flying sign. I also darkened the words for more impact. See below…

Here’s a link to the original assets by MaidSafe.

Here’s the SAFE Network Into Video.

I’ve grown very fond of the “cube” optical illusion of the safecoin logo. But I was having trouble modifying it for different color schemes. So I made a new template that allows super easy color switching. Now people can easily swap out different color schemes as they desire. Here’s a sample of what I’ve done so far.

This is the original color on the new template.

Black cube, Blue S

Black cube, Red S

Black cube, White S

Black cube, Yellow S

Black cube, Green S


What we really need is someone to make a nice SVG out of that safecoin logo.


yapp - i ordered a pullover with the logo the other night and used such a low-pixel-version → scaled it up → used a filter to have a better resolution again :open_mouth: … i hope the result will be good nonetheless but an SVG would be cool to have next time :smiley:

(or is it somewhere in the repos and i just didn’t look and therefore didn’t know?)

it is used in this svg - so i guess there is a vector graphic version out there somewhere

Fyi…we are going to be getting brand assets page back onto the site this week, I think we were going to have just EPS and PNG formats, but I’ll ask @Scott get an SVG version to you.


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I vectorized the dyamanaka PNG. In this link are AI, PDF, EPS and SVG version.


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Such a name and logo are not suggestive of either the species or the genus of the thing. And the slogan does not clarify matters. To a first time viewer, you’d still need to explain it, that “SAFE” is a particular network protocol (not secured data, and not any secured network).

Sorry. You’re wrong. It nails it. Tagline says it all. Needs some fine tuning.

No, your ego blinds you. It is exactly as I stated.


The tagline was pulled from David Irvines recent comment. Its a great summary of the network. Maybe you need a little ego check hotshot.

I have no ego invested in it because I didn’t create it. You do because you did. I just called it as I see it. Don’t go shifting the blame to someone else, whether me or David.

Clearly you have a talent, its just not here.

An ad hominem. You’re right that I don’t belong on this thread; no reasoned discussion here.

If you post something to show others you can expect both positive and negative reactions. Bluebird didn’t attack you, he even took the time to give you feedback. Let’s stop it here before one of you goes to far.

I responded to his feedback appropriately. If you’re going to take sides here you cannot moderate the discussion.

And “Apple” does? . . (just pointing out it doesn’t always hold true)


So many brands have the name unrelated to the actual product and/or service, yet people instantly recognise the company and its products.

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