3D printed logo

Just stumbled upon this, reminded me of projectSAFE logo.

Something like this could be neat for future merchandise… :smile:


There’s a disconnected penrose in the SF Exploratorium. But something like this looks cool from all angles:

Maybe the safepods could 3d print some of these to raise funds.


If I printed a bunch of these I’d wind up giving them away :stuck_out_tongue:


“Pay what you want”. Its a way for people to have an excuse to donate if they can and for others who can’t to still get one.


Talked to a 3D printing pro - said it would take 2 hours to make each one; but if one was to make a mold of a nice prototype in a 3D design program such as the one linked above; he would take care of the printing of the first several and from there a mold for mass production would be made from that prototype.

3D printing each individual one is extraordinarily costly and inefficient;
Injection molds will be required to make these usable.
Maybe bitcoin private key will maidsafecoin embedded somehow :wink:
look out.

an example of usable designs: