Anyone used for MAID yet?

I just sent in an order on for about $500 BTC to MAID.

It’s been about 4 hours but I’m not worried about being scammed because it looks like that would be a first for them, and it’s only $500. Totally not worth it for them.

But that being said, it HAS been 4 hours so maybe someone could help see what’s wrong?

(Note: email sent already)

I deposited to their address: 1BKPZSX4RpSDKwDkbhZFFVmdpPDntPRfKa

My MaidSafecoin address
(says my MAID in escrow? An omni error again?):

Any help appreciated. Just wanna get some MAID

shapeshift has sent your transaction Explorer | BTC | ETH | BCH

you are not seeing your maidsafecoins yet because the transactions is unconfirmed still due to another spam attack

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Oh OK thanks very much.

Maybe just wait a few days or something?

I’m fine with that

I’ve been waiting over 12 hours and my transaction is still unconfirmed, so yeah could take a few days at most i believe.
here you can see there is roughly 40k unconfirmed transaction in the mempool TradeBlock
normally there is around 5k, someone is trying to prove a point…


They only used a 0.0001 BTC transaction fee.

There was a post on the Bitcoin subreddit earlier this week that suggested people to raise their transaction fee to 0.0004 BTC because of spam attacks. So it might take a few hours/days before you get your coins.

But the good news is that you can exchange your maidsafecoins for safecoins soon and will never have this problem again :sunglasses:


Yay SafeCoin!

Replace the biggest crypto currency at exactly the right time (as BTC kills itself off for us lol)

Not sure about attack

Looks normal, tx avg 1.66 per second

Edit: otoh on the 1hr scale there’s indeed something fishy is going on :smile:

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I’m not a particularly big BTC fan, but if BTC fails in the near future then the very concept of crypto-currencies takes a big reputation hit.

Funny you should say this. I decided to push the “Safecoin: The best thing to do is just forget about it” article out on twitter a while ago.

That’s why SAFE is so cool. The crypto (safecoin) IS the internal lubricant. You need it for all the cool features. I don’t expect Bitcoin to fail, but even if it did the SAFE network won’t be affected too much.

Actually, it might just drive bitcoiners to the better platform even quicker.


Probably, but what about the rest of the world, those not into the concept of crypto-currencies yet, and what about regulatory powers? They could declare crypto-currencies as too risky and thus more actively work against it’s adoption through all sorts of measures.

The only defeat of BTC that wouldn’t be as malign is if it’s surpassed by another crypto-currency through superior functionality and adoption rate.

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I have used shapeshift several times. It doesn’t get any easier to use. I had to wait around 15+ hours for the transactions to be confirmed. The delays actually made me feel better about converting more btc into MAID.


Like what? Say they were to ban safecoin on the premise it’s a cryptocurrency. But it’s not it’s a data transfer protocol that’s required for the internet 2.0. It’s also a measure of trust and wealth. Safecoin is a lot of different things. So is bitcoin for that matter. And ultimately even if they did ban it that would hurt a ton of businesses and be a really bad political move and ultimately do nothing. It’s not like it’s closed source and they can just revoke a patant or something. It’s open source, anyone can download it and anyone can use it. If banks refuse to trade crypto they’ll only be shooting themselves in the foot because SOMEONE ELSE WILL and all you need to do is trade with someone for something that they’ll trade for crypto. And what with the advent of safecoin if push comes to shove one would be able to barter fiat for farming hardware because safecoin would create a direct corralation between data, hardware and currency prices, especially crypto prices. “Sure Mr. Bankster you don’t want to trade my money for safecoin? Okay I’d like to just make a withdrawl please of all my cash.” Then mozie on over to the hardware store, buy up some hard drives and computers. And then, if you don’t farm with them yourself, sell them for crypto to someone that does. Boom you’ve just hacked the system.

Also for those not into crypto I imagine when they see those who ARE into crypto making steep profits for less labour they’ll quickly want to educate themselves. Seriously I don’t see how lows against cryptocurrencies would be enforcable any more than laws against software piracy are enforceable.

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Well then we the SafeCoin buyers profit even more as price rises while everyone else hesitates or whatever.

While I prefer everyone to get on it asap as well, I’m not too bothered by the thought of this :slight_smile:

It is strange. I came into contact with maidsafe via Bitcoin and the idea of Safecoin. At the time, it was clear it could be a much better crypto-currency and was hooked.

Now, while Safecoin is still going to be awesome, what fascinates and excites me is the rest of the stack; there is so much more scope on this project than just crypto-currency.

If Bitcoin can forge a multi-billion dollar market based on mostly currency alone, then Safecoin is going to go ballistic in comparison. I am not sure how many people realise that yet, but once released, many eyes will be opening wide at the prospects for the technology.