Maid safe remains invisible to the bitcoin community

I keep wondering why people are so intellectual invested in block chain technology, I can not imagine a block chain internet on a freenet internet.
block chain is not the answer to everything in the world.


IMO a lot of people just follow the crowd. The ‘blockchain’ is the current buzzword.

Personally I’m happy for SAFENet to remain off the radar for now - it’d just cause more stress for the devs. Once it’s fully launched it’s going to grow much faster than bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. So marketing isn’t going to be our problem I think.


I guess more time to accumulate? :smile:


If I had money to spare, I’d be buying it up right now! The price is really good IMO.

Disclosure: I own some, and will be holding for a long time.


I think maidsafe has real value as a currency for exchange within the network as it own micro economy. So I need to buy more also but I am wanting it from the safex when lunched.

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I did this a while back which agrees with you I think. Bitcoin blockchain is not a thing, it’s a design pattern | Metaquestions


Perhaps, but there are PoW-based storage projects out there. Each has its advantages, none of them overlap with MaidSafe.
Are there “too many” kinds of Linux and BSD?

From TFA:

powerful mining pools now control much of the infrastructure and rent-seeking individuals control a lion’s share of Bitcoin’s value.

Mining pools don’t “control” anything. Each owner controls their own mining rig (i.e. their own piece of infra). That’s how it’s supposed to be.

“Rent-seeking individuals control a lion’s share of bitcoin value”: who? How?
Is that because they bought in when BTC was cheaper? Maybe it’s cheaper now and you could do the same. Would that make you a rent-seeker?

Blockchain start-ups begin from the assumption that there is no trust and no community, only individual economic agents acting in self-interest. Fair enough, you might think, it’s precisely the fact that projects like Ethereum engineer confidence and provide economic incentives for contribution that may distinguish it from other services like Freenet. But it also proceeds from a perspective that already presumes a neoliberal subject and an economic mode of governance in the face of social and/or political problems.



I think the bitcoin community have centralized thought process because many are to heavy in the investment of bitcoin mining equipment or have there whole wealth transferred into the block chain, so for anything that give their equipment more value by recreating the wheel will get promoted. so I think the difference is a mono culture of cropping mass plantation of farming technique versus to the ability to create a balance eco-system using the technique of permiculture using intelligent design of nature to create abundance with low input.


I think it’s more that the advent of blockchain tech gave some folks a hammer that they hadn’t conceived possible before. Now everything is a nail to be dispatched with that hammer.

Also, there’s a centralization of matters regarding bitcoin that Wall Street and others are starting to throw money at, largely because they see that it has advantages and they thing they can control it. I think those folks are swallowing a poison pill, frankly, but there is also some truth in their stance. They can mold a lot with their traditional tools, but blockchain tech is a tough nut because, however inefficient it is, the public record is the public record. As the Factom people say “It’s hard to know today what lies you’ll need to tell tomorrow.”

Watch, though. Awareness will start to penetrate slowly. I think the Crossroads podcasts on LTB will help push this, and I bet Paige, Nick and anyone else who attends conferences is starting to see more reach back. Slowly, because it takes a bit to grasp the facts underlying the things we’re stating the network will be capable of. It’s still not activated, so to most they’re just curious claims to most. That’s okay. The reality of it will start to sink in as the fact of the SAFE Network gets more solid.

We’re still viewing potentials. Very real, but still potentials. Bitcoin and other blockchain tech has had a chance to prove itself in action. Can’t blame people for grabbing it as a factually proven tool that already exists.

The SAFE Network’s time in the bright sun has not yet arrived. But it’s starting to glimmer.


I think that MaidSAFE is invisible to the Bitcoin community because they cannot currently store their private keys on it… It also will be handy for storing the blockchain.

Once they can, there is a good chance that people will flock to it…

Blockchain does seem quite rube-goldberg to me – for a lot of applications anyway…


Trust me, no bitcoin miner (or investor, or anyone else for that matter) wants to create the same amount of output using a higher amount of input.
Every investor tries to create more outputs using the minimum amount of inputs possible.
It’s like the PoW vs. PoS debate (assuming that PoS can do the “same” using a smaller amount of resources). Or Coke vs. Pepsi. Why not the both? Coke AND Pepsi is fine. Let the market decide.

Of course, that’s expected and not bad (that’s why many people hang out here as well, it’s just that they bought MAID).
What you’ seem to be complaining about is the hammer-nail approach of the bitcoin community.
I really can’t tell - I doubt anyone can - but if it’s really like that (bitcoin not suitable for such projects), MaidSafe-like projects based on bitcoin will fail. Let’s revisit this 6 months from now.