Why the price xplozion?!

why did the price BLOW UP last night??

any thoughts?





may be a combination of all these or might have nothing to do with the rise in value


could totally just be the last one.

He made it very accessible to the Chinese (which might be the first Chinese translation about anything MaidSafe related, EVER) by writing that.

I could see people in China just chewing at the bit to invest in SAFE, and that article might have finally made it possible.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to correlate price to news, you will just go mad trying to find causation. This is not a blue chip stock on the NYSE…

This price is just a simple supply and demand equation, since there is fixed supply (for now) of safecoin the demand is the one that is driving the price and since there are more and more people finding out about maidsafe it’s making those people that already want to buy in nervous and then they pull the trigger and buy in at the cost of raising the price significantly.


MaidSafeCoin to the moon.



Swarm jumped 800% on coinmarketcap.com to 10th place; so that gives some correlation to the jump in MaidSafeCoin. Thank you @ioptio for a few US million dollar jump in the valuation of MaidSafeCoin :slight_smile:


LOL Swarm jumped on literally 66 dollars of volume there really is no interest there. You can crash it with 70 bucks. LOL

MaidSafeCoin has gone up with 75,000 usd of volume in one direction mostly. That’s kind of like Bitcoin in 2010…

However, MaidSafeCoin market is full of hesitation. There is the whole crypto economy that is procrastinating.


Yeah, I just noticed the same volume of USD 66 to account for the sharp rise in Swarm. Of course it is obvious that an 800% jump is caused by an artifact of low volume.

Yes, you can’t even cash in that profit no matter how much you wanted to :wink:

MaidSafeCoin on another hand … I think some folks would like for others to be cashing out :wink:


The better argument is for the combination of Swarm getting attention and MaidSafeCoin to be the only riser in the top over the past 24hrs, that makes me extend a congrats to Paige :). Without a need for finding correlations and causation, well done Paige !


I can think of a lot of places to place congrats. Especially the fact that MaidSafe exists in the first place :smile:


I just recently bought MAID. After a year in cryptos, I had learned my lesson. Invest in real projects… not vapor. Eventually more people like me will come here and see what is being developed, and realize what a breath of fresh air it is.


Don’t bet on “coins”. Make bets on ecosystems.


Gordon Gekko: I don’t throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things. Read Sun-tzu, The Art of War. Every battle is won before it is ever fought.



I’d buy some safecoin but I’m poor and can’t afford my own stuff let alone bitcoin to buy safecoin with. :frowning:

It’s like throwing dice and not losing.

What’s safecoin valued at right now?

I keep running into people who have the “this technology is better than blockchain” epiphany at the events I’m presenting at. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m having SWARM as well, so I almost got a great smile on my face :slight_smile: But at closer look, the volume is indeed very low but it seems someone made a mistake by calculating the bid-price. The trades happened on the exchange on Counterparty. Instead of 0.019 dollar someone payed 0.19 dollar. On Poloniex the price is still around 2 cents. So, no Tesla for me this year :wink:


The price is probably being helped to a degree by the fact that ‘assets’ are now on the ‘front page’ of coinmarketcap.

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