JIRA Roadmap isn't working

I was working on making my own visual roadmap for MaidSafe

and wanted to pull daily information from Jira to make it.

But whenever I go to see “issues” on the Jira roadmap or pages, it keeps giving me a 500 error with a little skull and crossbones.

I am very interested in trying my idea for a visual roadmap,

so please help me see the “issues”!!

Many thanks :slight_smile:


I think the maidsafe.net version works well:

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yeah i do too!

i just had a cool idea that I wanted to try in addition to it :smile:

any news on JIRA?

The link at the bottom of the roadmap page takes you there :wink:

Did anything come of this? This could be really good as a substitute roadmap.

One column listing completed tasks by newest first, and another column listing open tasks by oldest first — that would be perfect to show the public what progress looks like, except in an automated way that in theory wouldn’t require maintenance.