MaidSafe PUBLIC JIRA access

I like this view:

From the Dev List:

Benjamin Bollen Oct 21 08:48PM +0100

Hi all,

A few months ago we switched to a new issue tracker for development of the
SAFE code (It was pivotal tracker before, and it is JIRA now). We are
quite pleased with this new tool, but it had one major downside: by
default it is not publicly viewable.

So this is just a short announcement to let you all know that now it is
publicly viewable. As always, it’s just as-is, presented to you unedited.
So feel free to visit and have a look around, you can find it on

We just started a new sprint, where we implement the design changes of
account transfer, strongly optimizing the efficiency of network churn.

Have a look around, you will find the full history and other outstanding
tasks that have been reported if you dig deep enough.