Is there any rough timeframe as to when MaidSafe will launch?

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I’ve been here since roughly August last year, and I know quite a bit about the TestNet schedule, but is there any real timeframe as to when MaidSafe will launch? e.g. Q1 2015/ Q3 2015 / June 2015 etc?

The reason being is that the general consensus last year was that (correct me if I’m wrong), MaidSafe was supposed to launch at the end of 2014, in Q4 2014, with each TestNet taking roughly a month each.

It’s now January 2015, and I don’t see MaidSafe any closer to completion than August of last year. TestNet 2 has taken over 3 months (again correct me if I’m wrong), since starting in September.

How much longer is it going to take MaidSafe to launch?

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I’m pretty sure the time-frame is when they get done fixing all of the issues that spring up. Thats software development for you. There are goals on the roadmap and they release the weekly meetings on the forum every week so that you can get a sense for how things are going.

But I don’t think there is a good answer to your basic question.

Yeah I guess this is kind of been the elephant in the room for a while, but I heard it was because they were re-vamping a ton of code to be more efficient and organized and documented, which I am all for.

Better to be solid than rushed, with a project this important


It was never suppose to launch at that date, it was an estimate time .

If you think there hasn’t been any more work done then you have missed over 10 developer updates each detailing specifically which tasks almost 20 people have been working on.

Testnet 3 is effectively setting everything moving and turning the machine on , Beta as such will follow closely after that

there is no solid answer for when it will be completed exactly, it’s like asking how long is a piece of string.

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I don’t think a piece of string is a good analogy to be honest @gohan00760 – you simply measure it and get the length. Web dev and programming is more a long process through which many bugs can pop up. As you might know, a final product from this process is ever changing because future bugs cannot be predicted and bug fixes affect other modules or code being called.

As for the roadmap, five or more items could theoretically be checked off within 24 hours because of successful testing, so the roadmap probably adds even more ambiguity to a possible beta launch date. My point really is that all launch dates are completely speculative.

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how long is a piece of string - Because the string has no definitive length , it is of indeterminable size .

Exactly like how you cannot suggest an exact amount of time till finished with maidsafe because there are so many factors to take into consideration , some are unknowns and problems will turn up that cannot be planned for.


tl;dr: if you want it to come out faster, help with the coding :slight_smile:


Ideally, you either plan a date and deliver with fewer features or you plan a feature list and deliver it later. The former tends to work better with software due to it being relatively easy to restructure (as opposed to, say, a bridge).

Ofc, there is the ideal world when you finish all work on time or early, but it is rare.

Launch of a new product is more tricky. You don’t know where the edges are, yet you don’t want them too rough. Version 1 will be what is judged with the most scrutiny.