Is there any chance ordinals/other new tokens on Bitcoin could mess up Maidsafe?

So much new developments on Bitcoin with Eth-like tokens being created. It’s making BTC transaction fees really high ap[arently. I am not very tech savvy and not sure how it all works on BTC. But is there any chance these new tokens could mess with Maidsafe? My understanding is that Maidsafe exists as Bitcoin dust (what a friend told me about 6 years ago). Could this be similar to frequency allocation of a radio, with new projects occupying Maidsafe’s space? Or is this just an irrational fear of an issue that cannot exist? If there is even a slight probability that all these new projects might mess up Maidsafe on Bitcoin, should I convert to eMaid as soon as possible? Or would this be unnecessary at this stage because there is a 0 chance Maidsafe’s space on BTC can be messed up by all these new projects???

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There really is no need to worry. Transaction fees might be high for a while, but as long as omni is supported there really is nothing to worry about.

The team already mentioned that the conversion to the native network token wont be through a burning process so even if omni will no longer be supported or fees go skyhigh, it doesn’t really impact MAID holders. All you need to be able to do is proof ownership of the holder address.


Just to second what @Mightyfool said - fees won’t be a problem for MAID token conversion. As long as you can access the tokens in your wallet you will be able to access them on :ant:.


Fees - as mentioned above.

  • not an issue / irrational fear.