Is insider trading possible on Poloniex?

It may seem you are trying to create a case here by all means . You do make
false accusations out of no evidence ; you may have malicious intentions …

So far , you can always follow all updates to the code base in this open
source project through the github repository : GitHub - maidsafe/QA
You can see which changes pass tests and builds , and read explanations …
I’d say with confidence that anyone willing to learn can gain valuable and
tradable insight over others who don’t care but have opinions and voice or
promote them all over the places to represent , push their interests or narrative .

Maidsafe could be much less transparent about any proceedings or progress , and
it would be perfectly in line with many other initiatives and endeavours in this area ,
so , @bullet , what is your point exactly , did you join here trying to achieve FUD ?

A lot of people don’t bother and would even consider github repo data insider
information : Because some can read into code , therefore , they can anticipate
milestones and decide how to invest or bet on future outcomes , as many do .

If you open up your mind a bit you will see that here we have all kind of people
on the forum discussing all kind of hypothetical and real facts concerning this community and the SAFE project .

There is no need to try to blacken Developers or the Team with your allegations of insider trading that really have little to no correspondence to the simple reality that most people who have a stake in this do not even trade at all theirs , about 85% or little more of the available supply is not being traded on the 2 mayor exchanges .

Many balances according to diverse agreements are even visible , there is a lot of transparency in how the Foundation , the Company operates , and we appreciate it .

We have many indications to how strong the community feels about their longterm investment in general , bothering little to not at all what can be played up and down at a small slice of a reference market representing a fraction of the total shares that project moods and tempers in wild swings , typical to new markets and the crypto space .

What is it that you are looking for ? Precise information , so there is no risk to take up ,
no speculation at all ? In the free markets out there that does not exist , and there
would be no such adventure as trading future values and possible importances .


I would almost guarantee it. But which crypto projects I would not hazard a guess.

There is no law against it with crypto and often you see movements in other currencies that make one wonder.

[quote=“bullet, post:455, topic:5869”]

As you or anyone can see the code updates then an outsider can in effect be a insider and this is true for many projects.

So it is just stating the truth to not trust anybody when trading in crypto.

He didn’t say that, but rather he doubts the maidsafe devs will cause it. But as anyone in the world can see what updates are happening at any particular time then a whale with 100’s of BTC worth can move the market when he/she thinks something is about to happen

The whole cryptoscene is dominated by some Big whales and this won’t change till some app/platform and it’s coin gets Mass adoption…

Don’t trust the investments you Have until stability is come through Mass adoption and remember bitcoin is No mass adoption.
I believe once a really popular crypto app comes out and masses use it, bitcoin can Be quickly beaten by it’s coin… Watch nasdaq Market caps of regular Corps and U’ll see it’s still peanuts

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Did you read my first post. Here it is

“I’m assuming poloniex is unregulated. Please correct me if I am wrong.
If this is the case, then it would be possible for someone with market moving
information to short MAID moments before uneventful updates are released”

You must have taken a long time to put your accusations together. Maybe leave the emotion at home and post a factual response. Where are my false accusations?

In fact, where are my accusations?

You accused this:

After I had just posted:

There were commends suggesting that in the crypto world, insider trading is commonplace, and sentiment that trading is a wild west. There were however no accusation of the MaidSafe devs being involved in this behaviour.

Your misinterpretation of Melvin’s edit was also accusatory in tone.

Edit: but really, who cares. There’s nothing to suggest insider trading is happening, but nor is it impossible. Poliniex is unregulated, crypto-trading is a wild west, and day trading is a game that people can choose to play if they want.

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No such comments have been made ,
there you have your
assumption , allegation or accusation .

People may edit their posts and , just as you , everyone can correct
or find a better wording while all changes made remain accessible …

It did not take me much time to write a few phrases , no effort .
Yes , I read your first post , Poloniex is ‘regulated’ to some extend ,
certainly not like the stock market , which is only 96% rigged … :ant:

No such comments have been made ,
there you have your
assumption , allegation or accusation .

assumption , allegation or accusation ?

Do you think Vitalik and Vinay were sitting there shorting Eth from 200k down to 180k around christmas too?

Yes that does happen, but it obviously happens with disreputable, money-grabbing, hollow projects with no real potential. Really exciting ones like this are their own adrenaline. Look into the history of the project, what they are doing and the people behind it.

Until alpha launches price is pure speculation and isn’t backed by any utility, so is very hard to predict. It doesn’t really matter what updates come out before then (except maybe testsafecoin). The chances are the price will drop after any update - hence ‘buy rumour sell news’ trading maxim.

Anyway, the drops are rarely huge and they are there for anyone to take advantage of. If you want to scalp a couple of % then go for it, the rest of us are waiting for life-changing/world-changing tech and the thousands of % that might start flowing if it all works like it’s supposed to. There isn’t enough volume for sneaky devs to make a killing doing anything with maids yet… you need a lot of liquidity to make a cheeky couple of % worthwhile. Besides which they are busy trying to empower us against the perils of centralisation and dominion. Our defensive reactions come from us feeling like we all owe them debt of gratitude for what they do, not because we think it’s an unreasonable question for an outsider to have.

Fair question, just misplaced direction and location :wink:


Has @bullet been silenced? If so why?

No why would he be?

Just seems strange that after my post showing @bullet was not falsely accusing seems wierd he didnt comment???

Oh, and you said he first

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Nothing strange, people don’t live of the forum and he may be back later. Who knows the 1000’s of reasons that someone doesn’t answer straight away.

I don’t understand your meaning here. Can you explain?

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You refer to @bullet as a he. A man. I noticed that i did also and mentioned that you did it first.

Ah ok. My bad there I try to be gender neutral when I don’t know the gender. Although in this forum (unfortunately) “he” is correct over 95% of the time.

MAID +6.44% in the last 24H!
Let’s see what the update brings today :slight_smile:

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Yeah lets move on. I forgot what this thread was about. Maybe you should move @bullet issue to its own thread where it started. As I’m sure @bullet is not finished.

There’s no issue :slight_smile: If he believes there’s an issue then he should contact all existing companies and projects around the entire world and ask them if there is any insider trading/knowledge going on.

But yes, back on topic would be great :slight_smile: ! profitsssss!

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Besides, it’s not the place for it anyway. You’ll get an informed, but totally biased answer here.

What he really wants/needs is a broad and uninformed range of opinions, they will gel more with his ‘outsider’ perspective and he won’t just get bombarded by people saying the obvious - “er no, not here, not likely”.

From what I read above he asked if it was possible. got the answer from @rblock. and then got assassinated for asking if any other members have the same opinion.
I think the issue is that investors on polo should know the extent of trust they extend and where it lies. @DavidMc0 Your attempts at defending are unnecessary and only show a desire to smoke screen a trust element that is known by some but which should not be hidden from others.

I gave this subject its own topic again after it has been moved to an existing one before. We didn’t expect it to become more than 40 posts so please continue here.

I hope all posts are in the right order, we’ve had problems with that before :slight_smile: