Safecoin / maidsafe wallet

I would like to raise a point about maidsafe wallets or may be inform me if im wrong. In the event that Poloniex website crushes will this not be a problem for maidsafe holders who store their coins in Poloniex? I know the technology behind Poloniex is secure enough but it is also prudent to have a maidsafe wallet and not rely on third party service providers. More so when OmniChest has a "Disclaimer: OmniChest is under active development and information displayed may be incorrect. OmniChest offers no guarantees of any kind. Use this service at your own risk. Open for discussion.

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Well if your MAID coins are in poloniex then if poloniex fails/hacked/dies then your coins are at grave risk of not being returned to you as they are in poloniex’s wallet.

The only real secure way to store your MAIDcoin is to store in a wallet you have the private keys for.

Yep, when you use their software (wallet) you have to acknowledge it is under development. The MAIDcoin though is stored on the blockchain using the ?mastercoin? protocol and should be as safe as any bitcoin when you have it stored in your controlled addresses.