Ideas for DNS on Maidsafe

I’m actually responding to this video of David, because I don’t think Maidsafes namespace or more DNS (if there is even sucha thing) should be first come first served. Namecoin had this idea of “first come, first served”. I think it’s an bad idea, because domain squatting is with everything nowadays.

P2P another decentralized DNS fight domain squatting with an auction. So the more you pay the better your changes are to get a domain. this is in my opinion also not the solution.

When you sign up for a business account with Google, you can create an business email. They also ask you if you are the owner of that domain and they got a neat way that you can proof it. Google got this file that you have to upload to the ROOT folder of your domain. Once you uploaded it, to your root folder the file and Google’s system communicate and your go to go. And I think that that’s a better solution, when people want to register a domain. If Maidsafe will be able to protect BRANDNAMES, from being squatted on the Safe DNS (if sucha thing will exist). I know that there is a ton of domain extensions out there so how do you decide who has the right to an domain name? My solution/suggestion is to line the sites up by popularity for instance.
.Maidsafe (go for this because ICANN is acting crazy)
The internet knows which one of these sites is the most popular, so that site should have the right to the domain. If they don’t wish to make use of it, they should be able to pass it on to the other less popular sites.
To be real honest I would love it if Maidsafe offer gTLD
Imagine how much money the Maidsafe team could make with that, last time I check companies where paying $100K for that and annual fee…

Do you think that Maidsafe should tackle DNS?

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They get you to upload a file to your root folder and they communicate with it? And you think that’s a better solution? Are you nuts? That screams security risk to me. I know my limits but one thing I know for sure is one should be majorly careful about giving root access. Whether or not the file is malicious or not, other sites COULD be and if people get in the habit of using your method there it could be a huge security vunerability.

Moreover unless I’ve missed my guess maidsafe essentially turns every computer into a server and therefore why not have your own personal DNS address to go with your computer? I mean if you set up a computer you can give it whatever DNS address you like. And to keep it even simpler why not just have our own extention like www.maidsafe.maid or .md or something. As for your popularity idea I’m not sure I follow you. You’d buy the address but if you don’t get enough traffic it gets taken away from you? Also what happens when you have 2 sides that use the same name but vastly different subjects. Say you had a site called “” about timelords from Doctor Who. Then, a personal site of a family named Lord. And finally you have, a religious site devoted to various patheons of gods. Now which site takes priority in your system?

Namecoins system works in a way like “first come, first served”. So everybody can just register maidsafe.bit. So actually there is not a way for some one from Maidsafe to register it, if they are to late. Unless they pay up.

P2P’s solution is to let people pay a price relative to the domains popularity. So again somebody else with more money can just register maidsafe.p2p.

Please let’s not create another format like (.maid) let’s just tap into the existing internet and offer what it offers. Why I suggest uploading a file to your root domain has two reason. If your the owner of that site, you have access to it and that’s your proof (proof of ownership). Second if you have something like this in place you can prevent domain squatting. If you can prevent domain squatting your basically enabling the existing internet to migrate to Maidsafe’s DNS (if sucha thing will exist in the future). The file that you would upload to your rootfolder would be made by Maidsafe and it only communicate with the Maidsafe DNS system to say this person owns this domain. I Assume that Maidsafe is trustworthy

To your question “why not have your own personal DNS address to go with your computer?”. Because then your basically doing the same as Namecoin and P2P. More over you woulden’t even make it attractive for businesses on the existing internet to make use of Maidsafes DNS.

As for my popularity idea this ties into “brandnames”
Because is more popular then, should be entitled to the gTLD:

Right now ICANN is selling gTLD’s for a minimum amount of $75K. If Maidsafe DNS can offer a more reasonable price, it would only mean adding more pennies in the Maidsafe kitty, so that Maidsafe can expand and compete.

The popularity scheme has nothing to do with:
That someone owns these domains on the existing internet can be proof with the file upload to there domain. The popularity scheme only plays a role when you’r talking about:

Google is on the point to offer domainnames, they basically take over everything when they get into it. It would be nice to have an alternative, with domainnames that can’t be taken down. If we can’t see that the DNS/gTLD market is huge, it’s really simple. Other people will figure it out and WE WILL BE THE LOOSERS. I know that there are a whole lot of technical issues that a Maidsafe DNS might have to deal with. But if we don’t try to look into the things on the existing internet and improve them like 10X…

Then again, I’m just a simple consumer what do I know?

If the water evaporated from the ocean would the fish die? Yes.

If MaidSafe exists, will most of companies go out of business regardless of whether or not it has DNS? Yes.

Competing only counts if parties play the same game; you can’t compete in swimming by running around the track.

In a running race, the one who runs the fastest gets the gold medal; as MaidSafe completes this deployment while others are not doing the same thing; there is no competition, since this is all for anyone and everyone there is no ‘business’ just busy ness.


Dude I’m only saying that a Maidsafe DNS might be worth considering. ICANN is now making $75K with this, per company that they sign up. I’d rather see Maidsafe getting that $75K, with just 100 companies Maidsafe could be look at: $7,5M. That’s not small money anymore, if you ask me. If a simple consumer like me can do the math. The people at Ethereum could probably do the math and invent some new math in the process.

Everything that can bring some money in the Maidsafe kitty, will help us move forward and is worth pursuing.

More money doesn’t mean moving forward, though.

Distributed DNS systems with a first-come first-serve aspect create incentive to do just that… join early.
I do understand your concerns, however, instead of centralizing control we should think about natural incentive to prevent the main problems of individuals squatting on domains or acting under the guise of an established name. For example, the browser extension MeowBit works on Namecoin dns and the folks working there have been contacting established businesses gifting them with the relevant .bit domains because it’s in their best interest. This could be a great project for early adopters, inviting those they want to see using the network join early.

If Wikileaks or Overstock or whomever gets enough invites, I’m sure they’d look into it.


Hi @ioptio
To be honest the first come first serve model doesn’t work and the reason why? The speed at which the industry moves is way to slow. Somethings don’t happen fast on the internet. I’ll give you two examples, of speed on the internet.

6 months after the heartbleed hack, Hundreds of thousands of corporate computer servers, routers and other Internet devices worldwide remain vulnerable to the Heartbleed Web-security flaw

Google wants to kill SHA1 in november 2014, the industry respond that’s way to quick (and they are right). Microsoft said that this would happen in 2017, the industry was ok with it. Google’s reason, the killing of MD5 was way to slow and messy.

I like Namecoin, but big internet companies don’t care a bit about their .bit websites. Because they don’t have to worry about a government take down. Heck they don’t even care that it’s cheaper.

A Maidsafe DNS solution doesn’t have to be centralized. BTW I never said that it has to be centralized and I woulden’t want it to be.

You can’t prevent domain squatting and there is enough proof out there on every platform. From Mastercoin, Counterparty to Dogeparty. Example: the StorJ guys had to use a different name for their asset, due to domain squatting on Counterparty. (Sorry I’m to lazy to look for the youtube interview in which they say this).

I’m really sorry to play devil’s advocate here but, “What is their success rate?”.

Big internet companies unfortunately won’t be early adopters. The first people who I will help to install the Maidsafe software are poor people. People who have to get food through (something similair to foodstamps). They will see the value quickly, because they got no money and now they can make money with their computer.

Looking back I was a bit to hasty with my “standalone Safecoin idea”. Safecoin is a really pretty set of logic, that’s beautifully woven into the fabric of the Maidsafe network. I now see that it can’t function as standalone (yet).

I know that I’m looking at a few pixels, when I talk about domain migration to the Maidsafe DNS. In the bigger picture, you will need browser vendors support and who knows…

In the meantime I like to share:


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we’ve got maidsafe going on in the forum; data from each part of the globe gets shared here.

not exactly but the knowledge sharing part.

Maybe a Namecoin rant is needed. I don’t wanna sound like a pussy here, but I haven’t got MeowBit to work and I’m not the only person.

I’m optimistic about things like DNSCHAIN

I would be happy if some one who got Namecoins .bit address to work would make a step by step vid…

If you give us a few more days (maybe a week) we will present a pretty good mechanism that is not first come. We are running some tests right now (the current one I am running will be all week)


Ok I’ll start cheering. Maidsafe tackles DNS and makes GOAL!!!

It must have been “asset squatting” on Counterparty.

Namecoin is good enough and so far hasn’t had major issues.

I think the OP idea is good. Except it shouldn’t be about ranking. Just map the domain names directly to the SAFE network. So for example instead of it will be something like safe:// And for it will be safe:// It’s just another protocol (kind of).

The SAFE network sends out a key to the claimer of a domain name who then puts it into a file safe_network_authentication.txt on the website. The key can be verified by a whole bunch of nodes to prevent someone from messing with DNS servers.

Are you suggesting that the way DNS is managed should be completely changed?
How does SAFE network send out a key to the claimer? Via email?

The key is sent via the SAFE network (SN) to me on the same network! Let’s say that I have a website called and I want to register it as a SAFE domain, then I send a request to the SN which generates a unique key and sends it back to me. I put the key in a text file on my website. The SN then checks that the key exists on the correct domain and registers it.

If, for some reason, my website has a very crappy security, and someone puts another key on it and registers the domain, then it becomes stolen. But for how long? Not very long since I can fix the security leak, and send a new register request to the SN and become the rightful owner.

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All right, so there would be an “admin” type of file system with key-value pairs out there with say 4 copies to which only the protocol itself could commit data and from which everyone could read.
That would work from that perspective, but it’d have to resolve to IPv4/6 addresses (not just internal network IDs) to be considered DNS (service). Or otherwise these would be resolvable only to MaidSafe ID’s so it’d be confined to MaidSafe network clients.

I was thinking that the domain registration would be purely for the SAFE network. The DNS verification is just to check that it’s the correct owner. Once that verification has been done no more DNS is involved, only MaidSafe IDs without the need for any DNS lookup.

Okay, got it.
It’s more like “human-readable node names” (or aliases) which was discussed before.
That term may be better than “DNS on MaidSafe”.

Exactly. It’s simply aliases. Just because someone owns a domain name doesn’t mean it will automatically become a MaidSafe ID. The owner has to request a claim of the domain name as a MaidSafe alias. The aliases can be any names. The reason for why ordinary domain names as aliases need verification is because otherwise anybody can just start grabbing them like crazy and squat on them.

I think there is a difference between domain names as aliases and usernames. There is much more need for domain names to be unique on the network, than for usernames which can be multiple. So for example many people can have the username JohnSmith and it’s their unique user IDs (whatever those are called in MaidSafe) that make them uniquely identifiable even though they all have the same username.