HPX and maidsafe

So I was wondering: how does MaidSafe intend to implement HPX into its current build I wonder? Is that under consideration?

Off topic: If Maidsafe necessitates for users to be connected online and offer some disk space in return for “free” content (through cryptocurrency), what about those places not so well connected to the internet and where cheap hardware is the norm? How can MaidSafe be made viable in such an environment realistically?

What is HPX?

Could you provide a link?

HPX is an implementation of local high speed message xfer in c++, I have looked many times at it [in fact last week asked every dev to study it more closely]. It is impressive an under extreme development, but used in mostly private high speed owned networks. Uses many boost libs esp asio and serliazation to achieve some nice results though.

For the OP

We do not implement HPX as is but use similar architectures in some areas, the use case is not as good a match as would appear, although crossover for sure.

You must be connected to the network via the internet for the network to function, but from my understanding older hardware should handle the client quite well.

If you have a slow connection, etc., you won’t probably farm safecoin at a very high rate, but I’m guessing you’ll get enough to cover general usage. We’ll have to see how it works in testnet 3 and beyond.

Worst case is you’ll have some latency and slow farming, but for the features the network will provide over time, that may be worth it. As I say, we’ll see with implementation.

  • Free content will be free on SAFE too.
  • It’s not realistic to expect SAFE to solve the problem of disconnected operation, but it will be possible to cache own content locally. As for content you want to consume, you still need to know what it is, and then download it, so one could visit a place with good connection, download stuff on a USB drive and head back home. Or bring your laptop and do the same.

[@happybeing edited terminology: let’s call it SAFE or SAFE Network, not MaidSafe, which is the company.]