Really really basic stuff

hi all,
i found maidsafe via a commentlink
ive spent time reading the webpages etc
but I am still mystified and utterly lost.
Im like many people, i use a pc still running XP its not a very special or powerful one.
i was contemplating loading a Linux program to move from windoze as 8 or 10 are beyond me and my pc .
I dont understand if allowing Maoidsafe to be using my pc for storing stuff costs me in my net useage allowance from my IP
i guess it has to?
some of us have limited gig.
so will this work for us?
you talk about storage
I download stuff and save what i want to my pc
I dont use the cloud thing cos i figure its owned and not private or safe anyway.
bypassing bigbrother and all the snoopy bits to resell your info appeals in a big way however.
i had a wordpress blog but thats free anyway, i guess thats sort of cloudish?

and no matter how many times i read about the “coins” that arent real i dont understand how to even get an account let alone how one would use it in the real world.

i surely am not the only one who likes the idea of getting away from the huge monopoly controllers of the web its content and spyware and big brother
just cant grasp how us older folks with little tech savvy can be a part of this to help it grow.
so much info is already “owned” and pay to read /paywalled
how will this free any of that up?
can it at all?
thanking you all for being patient


Hi and welcome. Good questions, basic means important!

There’s two answers to your data use question:

  • using / browsing SAFEnetwork it will be essentially the same as the Internet. Though you may well have to upgrade to Linux at least to use it (because I don’t expect SAFE Browser will work on XP).
  • farming, to earn SafeCoin by contributing resources will use up your data, and so may not be feasible for you, and there will also be some minimum bandwidth/speed requirements to meet, so it won’t be for everyone. You will though still be able to obtain SafeCoin by purchasing it from others on the Safenetwork, which you can then use to pay for storing data on the network, and other things that require it (posting comments etc)

There will be other ways of helping it grow though - even just showing others, or telling people about it will be very helpful. And in the short term, trying it out and giving feedback, finding out if it works on your system is also very helpful, as well as asking questions here so others can see the answers, and joining in discussions.


You don’t have to assign your resources to the network, and nor do you have to store your data on it. For you, the benefit would be secure browsing, although I don’t know whether there are fees for just using the network in that way, others can certainly confirm that.

With regards to the paywalled question, the aim isn’t to scrape copyrighted content and provide it for free (although who knows what apps developers will come up with!). From what I understand, the benefit of the network is that you don’t have to get your news from the likes of Sky, CNN, Fox, NYT etc, which all have their own agendas. Anyone will be able to publish without risk of censorship so there should be more unbiased, reliable content.

thanks Happybeing,
ok browsing and emails is pretty much what i do so thats good to know;-)

i still dont “get” what you store on the network?
why would you if you have a decent enough hard drive in your pc?
or can burn cds or use the usb thingys? or even print
or why posting a comment would cost?
the entire coin thing is so confusing;-(

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thanks Ken,
yeah i figure once the wileys n elseviers own it its gone to the avg punter;-(

i already use alt sites for news and info
but with the goomonster controlling so much of whats getting online even for us who use better engines to search like duckduck a new webs sure looking very attractive;-)
ive emailed the maidsafe pages to all n sundry so i hope doing that is one way to help spread the good word;-)


And more “fake news”, unfortunately.

No worries Laurel,

Yes you can store data on CDs, USBs, HDDs etc, but what if something happens to them? maybe there’s a break in, a fire, water damage, dog chews it… It’s not very likely, but it could happen. I would think that would be why a casual private individual might want to save their data to the network (but there’s no compulsion to do it).

There’s also the benefit of being able to access all of your data wherever you have an internet connection and a device that can run the Maidsafe browser. This isn’t a new concept since as you say, there are cloud services already, but this is completely secure, only you have access to your data.

As you say, for yourself, I think it is mainly the browsing aspect that would be of most interest to you.

Take it easy!

ITYM alternative facts…

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Because then your data is secure, encrypted, anonymous, accessable from anywhere and if you so desired you could even delete it from your hard drive thus freeing up resources. You can make data public or private. And someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but if the file you are uploading to the network already exists I don’t believe they charge you PUTs for it.

Because it costs data, computer resources, to store that comment on the network. Text is data. Therefore comments on blogs or what not will cost safecoin to post.

People will probably still use all those things. But printing a document won’t help me publish it to someone in China, Russia or India now will it? Posting a document to the web makes it available to a global audience. Nor can I share a usb dongle with millions of users at a time. I can however load the SAFE network software onto a usb stick and share it with people I know locally. :smile: I can also print off instructions for them on how to use it properly.

I hope this answered your questions.

There are many reasons you will want to store data on the network, and to do that you will need to pay for the storage you use in SafeCoin. You might want to save files because they are more secure, available anywhere (not just in your PC), as a backup, to share with others (photo albums maybe?).

But you will also be storing data if you send an email, or post a comment on a website for example. So most people will want to store at least some data.

The difference in the current Internet is that somebody else usually pays for that storage, although they extract value from you in other ways (tracking your activity, profiling you and selling this to others, targeting you with advertising, effectively selling your privacy and that of your associates and family etc). This is why Facebook and Google and the like appear to be free, but aren’t really. It’s just that nobody gets to know what it is really costing then.

Think of the coin thing as credits. You can buy them or earn them (by contributing storage - farming), and use them to pay for whatever your store on the network (files, photos, emails, blog comments etc).


ah i think i see why the network would be handy now.
this one being ultra secure does provide a lifesaver for things
ive just swapped to a new(old) pc
and all my emails are on a drive and cant be brought into the new one via my external drive;-(
so? if i have stuff on a pc like my mails i can upload that to the storage network?
but theyre in outlook express;-(
or would that only be for emails sent recieved while using this system?

One should always be skeptical of “news” outlets that:

  1. Are anonymous
  2. Do not seek corroboration of its stories
  3. Have no website or have an amateurish website
  4. Have no principals listed on the website
  5. Have no physical location indicated
  6. Have no way of contacting them
  7. Have no history or background available for inspection

Performing these basic “due diligence” tasks are difficult now but with the Safe Network, despite all its admirable qualities, will be even harder to accomplish. Not to demean Safe Network, only pointing out there are drawbacks to anonymity as well as benefits.

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ah…as I said I am one of the maybe? not so few :wink: who dont utilize a lot of what the net can do.
so i see that the storage and access is like having my old blog, but possibly more accessible if i wanted it to be. at least with maidsafe users., but safe from spam n hacking.
and if i use my laptop when i travel i could access stuff thats normally at home and i can’t get to.

can other people who arent “in” maidsafe access nonprivate stuff you put up?

i have a few friends who use fbk and i refuse to follow their links cos of the spyware if you go there,
i would happily use social things if they werent being bugged;-)
the big problem for Aussie users is the high cost of data plans and I am rural so i have a very limited choice of IP companies who have service at all in my area.
thanks for your help too

Both, though to start with really only emails using a SAFE email app. Later, I expect people to create ways of importing data created in other systems, not just emails, but certainly including emails.

They will need to at least use the SAFE Browser to see any data on the SAFEnetwork, whether stuff you share, or stuff published as a website.

You will also be able to share private data with specified individuals if they create an account and you know their public id.

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valid points and i have been fooled a couple of times with sites
however it only takes a facepalm event to wake up

if i read something and its only on one webpage and i cant find other reports or any others link only back to the one i get a bit leery.

having said that- for some issues and events maybe only one person heard or saw something and wants word to be read/heard which then makes it rather hard to “source” elsewhere
someone has to be the first to break news

its always going to end up being left to the nous and ability to think and sift wheat from chaff i guess.

alternative facts can actually be the true ones , just not the ones msm wants us to know

The short answer to that is no. SAFE is a separate network and does not connect to the clear net. You could get your friends to download the SAFE browser so they COULD see the stuff you post though.

Have you tried using Diaspora or Steemit? There are social networks that are open source and are not 'bugged" as you put it.

its sounding pretty good to me, i can be patient n wait till someone works out the bugglies in other stuff importing up.
and a fair amount of friends are screaming for better browsers so I suspect I wont have to nag to get them to try it

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wow, a whole new world;-)
I’ve never heard of them
thanks heaps;-)

i wont be creating anything and i guess curating is similar to maidsafe?
you store stuff for others?(using curating as looking after like a museum does?)

That’s the problem, “only one person heard . . .”. You know nothing about this one person. You need to be able to consider the source before assessing the validity of the report. Also, “breaking” news is not usually the most correct or informative report about an issue no matter who is reporting it, trusted news source or not. It takes a little time usually to “sift wheat from chaff”. It is certainly not advisable to pick up “breaking” news and disseminate it before allowing a proper amount of time for it to be culled and refined. My point is the Safe Network might make due diligence of vetting news sources more difficult. This is not a good thing in my opinion.

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One other awesome feature about Safenet, is you only need 1 user name and password for everything you do on safenet.