How will i convert maidsafe to safe(my maidsafe is stored on exchange now)

hi, i have a question, if i have coins on poloniex exchange, will i need to withdraw the coins to omni wallet to convert maidsafe to safe?

[edit I removed likely faulty info]

also you could keep this post in mind, because we have yet to know the actual process, which I gather is to be finalised when safecoin is live.

  • How can anyone use a bitcoin address that belongs to Poloniex to inform you of anything?
  • The message should not inform the converting people where to send Safecoin (if they had it, they wouldn’t be converting, would they?), but MAID (Maidsafe).

You’ll need to withdraw MaidSafecoin from the exchange to a standard bitcoin address for which you hold the private key.

You’ll create an account on SAFEnetwork.

From there you will send the MaidSafecoin to a burn address, along with a message identifying the account ID you created on safe to receive your Safecoin.

MaidSafe will do the rest! :


I already feel I am going to lose all my MaidSafecoin in this process… :smiley:

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a) say you create a Safe account with an address such as 12345
b) you send MAID to your Omni address and then from address
b1. send MAID to the designated burn address
b2. broadcast 12345 from this Omni address

MaidSafe checks you sent X coins to the burn address, it finds what you broadcast and sends X coins to the Safe address 12345.


Obviously I have not used btc addresses enough.

How does one broadcast from an address?

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I haven’t either - MaidSafe will provide clear step by step instructions at the time though, so even I should manage. The community will also help as always.


You use Omni’s GUI or CLI, I haven’t really looked, but here you can see a 'cast example from Counterparty using a Counterparty blockchain explorer (it’s a small transaction on the bitcoin blockchain and protocol-dependent data (Omni, Counterparty, etc.) is saved in the overlay protocol’s database):

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I had guessed it would be necessary to first set up a Safenet account so as to be able to identify to Maidsafe where the Safe coins should be sent.
I also guessed it would be a matter of sending my Maidsafe coins from a btc address (probably in Omni) to the btc address to be identified by Maidsafe.
I’m now guessing I will have to send my Safenet account ID (of some sort) to Maidsafe who will send me a btc address. I then send Maidsafe coins to that address and Maid send Safe coin to my Safenet account.
I’m wondering why the process needs to be complicated by “broadcast” and API" etc and also I am now unsure if exchanges will handle conversion Maid/Safecoin for any Maidsafe on their books.?
I’ve experienced the migration process with other projects and found that the more tech people forgot that average folk have no idea how to broadcast or do the Api Api shake.
Could the process be kept as simple as possible with a “proof read” step by step? That means some expert has to pretend to be an idiot and follow his/her own step by step to see if it actually works.
My experience with everything to do with Maidsafe tells me that the migration will be smooth and nobody will be left in a panic.
The drag and drop in Mist for import of pre-sale tokens is a piece of genius. My gran could do it. Can we get the Maid/Safe conversion to that level of ease?
Meantime, I am, as I have been for more than a year, continuing to use all my sweetie money to capture Maidsafe that the bots and whales miss. Every little helps. Love this project. :grinning:

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I had guessed it would be necessary to first set up a Safenet account so as to be able to identify to Maidsafe where the Safe coins should be sent.

How to “identify”?
By email? Or by posting on the forum, I am so and so and these 4 million MAID at are mine please send me 4 million SAFE to …?

No clue what Mist is, how it worked and whether it makes any sense.
Drag and drop where? On a Web site that allows the whole world to know my IP address?

I’ve noticed your arrogant attitude before Mr Janitor. I do not like to be treated like a dumb 6 year old. You may wish to consider offering some helpful response instead of indulging your high minded ego. Please refrain in future from making any response to any post I make. If I had an ignore button on this forum I would certainly use it in your case.

Sorry pal, but you’re making meaningless comments that add nothing to this conversation.
If you can’t comprehend technical content, that’s fine - you can just read (or ask).
There are marketing and other categories where you can possibly contribute.

@janitor I think Mist is the Ethereum UI. Please don’t respond unless you are yourself adding to the conversation. Mocking is not helpful.

@altpath you make some useful points. Highlighting this issue now is useful IMO and suggesting MaidSafe look at Mist is helpful. Feel free to flag posts that you feel are unhelpful in future as mods will then be alerted and able to intervene promptly.

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MIST is the GUI/Wallet for Ethereum. It connect’s to the Ethereum network. So when you import your presale tokens you’re not dropping anything on a website, you are importing it to the Ethereum “client” so to say. I used the Ethereum wallet by Kryptokit which is a website (think of it like Omniwallet or Counterwallet) that connect’s you to the network.

I hope they will, although with Maidsafecoin there isn’t really a .json-wallet like Ethereum used. The good news is that we can trade MAID over the bitcoin blockchain using omni since the crowdfunding. The “bad news” is that we probably have to burn these coins in exchange for Safecoin when it’s implemented. But it can be done when people look at the topics at this forum. Shouldn’t be rocket science.

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