Selling Maidsafe Coins Howto?

I managed to buy Maidsafe coins and store them on one of my Bitcoin address. But I’m still struggling to convert them back to Bitcoins. I tried via but it did not work. I’m confused about how much to send and how to specify the amount of Maidsafe coins that get converted and how to deal with fees.

Sorry if this has already been covered - but I couldn’t find a thread.


Welcome to the forum. You don’t need to actually send Bitcoins yourself. You need to find an Omniwallet where you send Maidsafecoin directly. Where are your coins stored now? Local bitcoin client? Here’s a lot of information on Safecoin.


Sign up for an omniwallet. Import private key of the bitcoin address that the maidsafecoin resides on into omniwallet. You will need a small amount of bitcoin on that address, in addition to the maidsafecoin, to transfer the maidsafecoin from omniwallet to any other bitcoin address. You will now be able to send maidsafecoin to the address shapeshift gives you or to or That is, if you really want to sell your maidsafecoin. I recommend holding!

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What happens if you ask Poloniex or another exchange to send X maidsafecoins and then Y BTC to the same address? Is Omniwallet able to distinguish both currencies?
I did this but so far bictoins do not show up.

Edit: ok i did not wait enough for the transaction to finish, they both show now :relieved:

Great, thanks!

I don’t want to sell all my maidsafe coins I only want to be able to sell and thus do a couple of transactions to feel confident.