Convert MaidSafeCoins to SafeCoins

this thread will hold information for people on how to use their maidsafecoins to become safecoins;
this thread holds information for people on how to use their maidsafecoins, the safecoin proxy, on the bitcoin network ;

at least this post’s url may not change for a long time; and that will be useful for duplicating and sharing information on converting maidsafecoins for safecoins.;

If you received this url, check back regularly for information on converting your maidsafecoins into safecoins.

Private key (secret) controls the coins;

Check your balance by visiting and use the public address (share) - the public key is where you can receive coins;

good news, I’ve finished loading up the

bitcoin addresses which each of you got :slight_smile: 20 maidsafecoins and around .0006 bitcoin (to be able to move the maidsafecoins)

remember keep the private key (secret) safe and hidden from eyes other than yours; use the public key (share) to check the balance, checkbalance on the home page:

you can use the private key (secret) import in once you have created a new wallet;