Need HElp regarding dynaimic Website in Maidsafe

Hi Guys!
I want to know that how Maidsafe network work for dynamic website setup, what is the way for that? can i move current PHP site in Maidsafe Network? if yes then how? or how to create dynamic site on Maidsafe Network,

i ask this question on different platform, but don’t get exect answer! i am new on Maidsafe network, i don;t know that what i am asking is possible on maidsafe or not , so please guide me if i am going wrong way?


As a php programmer, I had a hard time with the concept too. There is no server per se. From what I’ve gathered so far, think Ajax, but with no php backend.

The SAFE network looks much more like Google App Engine than anything else. If a technology has been ported to Google App Engine, you have a good chance it can be ported to the SAFE network. If it hasn’t, the chances are low.

Incidentally a particular problem with the LAMP design is it is fundamentally insecure and would pose a security threat to the SAFE network.


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Any help to start new website in maid safe network??? i am new in maid safe and have no idea where i start…any documentation which can help me to start ?

If you’ve not seen the plugin go look at my post here. There is a plugin and dynamic website (blog for now) solution ready on Git for someone to adapt for SAFE.

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