How to build a Maidsafe website?

What will be involved with building a Maidsafe website? Is a static site just straightforward data storage? What about a database-driven site?

Have a look at Safepress.

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That looks like a cool concept. Is there a lower-level native way to do it?

yep, the whole point is to keep the process seamless. So with the browser plugins enabling access to the network, the actual content getting fetched would just seem like the result of any other normal reply a browser gets from a GET request elsewhere.

As for getting the content itself onto the network, it is pretty much just simple data storage on the network and with the DNS module set it up as a service which can then be accessed via the browser. The current sprint(rust-3) has a deliverable to show this in usage which you can currently see getting worked on in the examples of the repo. It’s a CLI example showing the same process.


Is there a native solution for building a database-driven site?

I believe when you boil it down, SAFE is a database.

The project is such a solution. One way if seeing it is as like WordPress, but for SAFE. Another is as a javascript API for building web apps (aka database driven websites) that live on SAFE.

It Safepress a layer of abstraction above the Maidsafe API?

If so, i suppose the Maidsafe API could be used directly to build a database-driven site?

Yes and yes. The point of SAFEpress is to put this capability in the hands of everyone. You can of course do it yourself, from scratch, just as with the existing web. If that’s what you are interested in doing, a problem you are into solving, maybe join us because we’re only just starting.

…or a very large non-local disk drive.
…or a dozen other things

I uploaded a Test-Website on: http://portfolio.sieva.safenet but its not viewable. What did i wrong?