Examples project is now Live!

Hello Everyone,

We’re glad to announce the first of the Examples project “Network Setup” is now ready. Documentation for the examples project can be found via the link: MaidSafe-Examples GitBook.

This example helps you setup a local network on your machine which the upcoming examples will use to test various network functions(authentication, messaging, drive-storage, shares, …)

Documentation should help you get the tool setup and running. You can provide logging options to verbose as mentioned in the GitBook to get further info of the setup process.

This tool uses the Vault Manager to manage the vault app. Once the network is setup and running, killing any vault process from say your “Task Manager”/“kill process_id” should get a new vault started and connected on the machine automatically. You should be able to test this feature too in this example.

Next step is getting the API project to a state that will allow authentication to this network and allow new clients to join and register id’s. We’ll be updating this thread when these are in place. So please do stay tuned!!!

If you guys hit any issues with the example, please do report them as issues Here. This will help us address it better and also collect information about bugs and fixes right in Github itself.


grate job

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Some advice from a person who is really simple, you get a lot of people on board if the set up is:
-Just double clicking on an exe file and everything is set up
or if you make a INSTRUCTION VIDEO (I for one do no love to read a lot) when people see something they do something, reading is boring so I (and another billion people) will wait till this get easier (who knows my curiousity might trigger me to do something, but now it doesn’t look like it)

BTW thanks for the HARD WORK and keep it coming
Maybe I should start making install video’s and become famous as the maidsafe video guy hmmmmmm…

We’re not at the stage where we want the simple point and click I dont think. Once we hit testnet3 or so maybe, but were still in “work out the bugs” stage right now.

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Do agree that having tutorial videos would be nice when the API project’s functions are being shown. Only see the videos as an addition to text docs and not as a replacement.

Currently a video for setting up the local network would have a script such as:

Clone the super project
Run CMake
build local_network_controller
run local_network_controller (which is the exe you mentioned)

and done :slight_smile:

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