How do I connect to the SAFE Network?

The MaidSafe company and Developer Pods are building the platform/protocol used to by the SAFE Network.
It is important to define the relationship to help people understand how it works.

There are 2 levels of distinction.

  1. The core protocol (MaidSafe API) connects and contributes to the SAFE Network.
  2. A client APP (Application) acts as a user interface for the API and the SAFE Network.

Running the MaidSafe API is considered an upper layer to the ISP connection.
PC ~> ISP ~> MaidSafe API ~> APP (Safe browser) ~> The SAFE Network.

Here is a traditional internet connection.
PC ~> ISP ~> APP (Firefox browser) ~> Internet.


In order to connect to the SAFE Network.
You need to run the MaidSafe API program (not available until Beta Launch).
On Beta launch, the API should be available for download on and/or Home · maidsafe-archive/MaidSafe Wiki · GitHub

After you install and run the MaidSafe API, you will need a compatible APP to interact with the SAFE Network. Trying to surf the SAFE Network with a regular internet browser will not work, due to the API protocols.

Is there a compatible APP for the SAFE Network?
Yes, MaidSafe has already created an APP called LifeStuff which should also be available once the SAFE Network is launched.

The above answers are unofficial because the details have not been finalized with MaidSafe as of yet. However this is done to the best of my knowledge. I will update this post if any corrections need to be made or details clarified. We are only in TestNet 1 of 3 before launch. Things can and do change.


I actually saw this differently:
~> APP (Safe browser) ~> MaidSafe API ~> The SAFE Network.

Am I mistaken in my thinking? And maybe it’s actually both. One to get the files of the app and another to talk to data beyond the app.

I think we are talking about 2 different things.

The OP was only meant to show the connection order.

You have to turn on your PC first, then connect to your ISP, then you can open your browser and surf the internet. If you open your browser first before connecting to your ISP, you will end up with a “server not found” blank page. It may seem simple, but some people will get it mixed up.

So yes, you will need the MaidSafe API connected first before your APP can interact with the SAFE Network. This would be the correct connection order.

PC ~> ISP ~> MaidSafe API ~> APP (Safe browser) ~> The SAFE Network.

In terms of how data is sent/PUT and received/GET, it should be…

APP (Safe browser) <> MaidSafe API <> The SAFE Network

Since all data has to be encrypted it must go through the API gateway for retrieval and storage on the Network. This relates to data flow.

Sorry about the confusion. Hope that clears things up.

This makes total sense and thanks for clearing it up in my head :wink: