Help with sending maidsafe coins

Hello, I need some help with sending the maidsafe coins I have received. I got them to my regular address which contains 9btc + about 14k maidsafe coins. I want to move the maidsafe to a dedicated address and wallet so I can not send it by accident. Currently they are stored on my address which I use with bitcoin-qt

@starsoccer My suggestion would be to wait till the masterchest wallet v0.4 comes out which we’ve been told should be pretty soon(probably in the coming week) and then transfer them over. This version should support the SPT(Smart Property Token’s) which is what MSAFE comes under.

If you want to do this ASAP, then you can also do it right now with

Note: This is very much alpha code running on these site’s. So please do consider that before transferring over your coins. Try sending some test transactions with very small amounts and once you’re satisfied how the stuff works and are happy with it, then proceed to send the rest of your coins to your new wallet.

Personally I’m going to just wait till the new version of the masterchest wallet gets out and then move the MSAFE over to an isolated wallet.

Okay, I guess I will wait as well then. I tried omniwallet already and it does not work for me. supposely It only really works in chrome.

Looks like masterchest dropped their wallet?

It will be comforting to me when our real coins are on safenet. “Patience Chadrick, patience…”

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Mastercore has a new wallet coming out around Aug 1

I have my bitcoint-qt wallet that I initially purchased maidsafecoin with and now I want to send them to masterxchange. Could someone give a step-by-step guide on how to do that please?

Use omniwallet and use the private key from from your qt wallet.

Could I also use Masterchest Windows Wallet v0.4?

i don’t think you can.