PARSEC marketing

Now the word is out on PARSEC we see a lot of community members trying to reach out to other projects (on twitter/reddit/etc). I’ve see a couple of threads already in which there are quite some technical questions.

For example:

Are there people trying to answer these kinds of threads? I think that we should use all the discussion on the new consensus mechanism to interest more people in Maidsafe and the Safe network. If there are questions or doubts we should try to take these away to keep a positive vibe in these kind of threads.

What do you guys think?

  1. There is already a buzz that I haven’t felt for a long time in MAID. Check the r/cryptocurrency thread :slight_smile: … verrry positive.

  2. Yes, we should try to help, but we also shouldn’t speculate baselessly. I can understand the implications, and can answer about the project in general, but have no grounds yet to answer questions about the algorithm… the white paper properly takes more than a few cups of tea to digest.

  3. The price and volume is doing the marketing right now…

  4. More technical scrutiny is the key. MAID has to work, and going all in on a new algorithm is risky… the more eyes the better!


Thought I might try to gather reddit posts related currently and also some which may be of interest, under one and the same topic.


Has been checked of the list:


I would be interested in hearing from the MaidSafe team regarding some of the points from this post (perhaps it would be good for someone knowledgeable to actually respond on reddit as well):

I’m super hyped up about this PARSEC announcement but admittedly, know next to nothing on the technical components or general landscape of these types of protocols. Any insight into some of these points would be awesome. Thanks!


A user called malune or similar has provided decent feedback there. Let’s see how it goes as maidsafe folk replying to all these things is not great and seems like defense. I Am sure we will have plenty of decent critiques and peer review and we need to let that happen and only help where its gone dead or similar. So far nothing really out there apart from it’s just like XXX or YYY and those rage on for years. Let’s wait and get detailed technical insights going.


Worth noting that MaidSafeCoin price today, MAID to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap still links to the [ANN] IPO of MaidSafe:  Entering the Future of the Decentralized Internet thread, which perhaps is a broader capture than just another subreddit that those aware are signed up to.

I would hope also that there is a reverse feedback to the original academic types that helped prompt this. I expect they would be an ideal type of marketing - directly noting in passing to those in their circle, that their ideas are finding practical use.

Just a small mention of PARSEC…


Worth noting.

We must grow Maidsafe and the Safe network more and more, for this we must divulge, share in any and all social networks, use the power of the media that is totally in our hands. So we will conquer many adepts for our community and grow the Maidsafe family !!


This article mentions MAIDsafe and the PARSEC algorithm.


The article says: “Maidsafe, meanwhile, has proposed a new consensus mechanism called PARSEC, though some believe it may be vulnerable to other threats such as Sybil attacks, which are a recurring theme with staking algorithms.”

The possible Sybil attack weakness is what makes the complete SAFE network advantageous to any other blockchain network, because through other security measures, built into SAFE, the Sybil attack will be next to impossible using PARSEC.


Surely this should do well marketing wise in the meme-sphere:



Also shared in ByteBall, IOTA, Privacy, Computer Science, cryptography, security :slight_smile:

I find the Privacy and Security groups on reddit and twitter generally find Maidsafe appealing.


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Its about collaboration too, best thing that madesafe did was suggest that there was an opportunity to use the technology to help other projects. Genuine collaboration will bring the marketing. PARSEC is a game changer in the cryptospace.