First commands after sucessful compilation

I’m compiling Maidsafe for the first time. I was sucessful. But now I don’t know what should I be excecuting after …

I have the following installed binaries in /usr/local/bin/debug:

TestData                  test_api                   test_leveldb_skiplist
TestVectors               test_common                test_leveldb_table
address_space_tool        test_common_config         test_leveldb_version_edit
bootstrap_file_tool       test_drive                 test_leveldb_version_set
create_client_bootstrap   test_encrypt               test_leveldb_write_batch
cryptest                  test_filesystem            test_nfs
drive                     test_leveldb_arena         test_passport
dummy_vault               test_leveldb_autocompact   test_routing
filesystem_commands       test_leveldb_bloom         test_routing_api
ipc_child_process         test_leveldb_c             test_routing_func
local_drive               test_leveldb_cache         test_rudp
local_network_controller  test_leveldb_coding        test_vault
network_test_api          test_leveldb_crc32c        test_vault_manager
network_test_helper       test_leveldb_db            udp_client
network_test_nfs          test_leveldb_dbformat      udp_server
network_test_vault        test_leveldb_env           vault
protoc                    test_leveldb_filename      weekly_network_test_nfs
qa_tool                   test_leveldb_filter_block  weekly_test_filesystem
routing_key_helper        test_leveldb_issue178      weekly_test_routing
routing_node              test_leveldb_issue200
signing_tool              test_leveldb_log

most ofl the test_* worked fine. But then I’d like to play around with a maidsafe daemon, (like Vault for example) and I don’t know how to excecute it. Is there a guide anywhere ?


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Dunno if there is a guide but some quick n dirty advice would help - I gather that a lot of this will be rolled up into one-button commands when teestnet2 comes along. Or did I gather wrong?

I tried also some months ago and could run some tests with success but I think I just gonna wait some time, because @ the moment only the pro’s can handle this stuff useful I think… 22 Aug

You can start up your own small network by following these instructions >
I just noticed this needs updated as the options have changed slightly - as David said it has been a mad few weeks wink I think you will still be able to follow it and start a local testnet - if not shout. In itself (without a visualiser session and testnet) just now this might seem a little underwhelming. You can build and run tests like network_test_nfs or network_test_api. Or if you want to assist with general testing you can run Experimental tests that report to like Exper< project > e.g. ExperCommon from your build folder.