What to do next?

I’m interested in setting up a few computers to help facilitate Maidsafe.

I have followed the build instructions found at the github wiki page I managed to finish the installation and post a sample test over at the public dashboard. I presently have 4 errors… as follows

ConfigTest.BEH_ApplicationVersion	Failed	Passed	260ms	Completed (SEGFAULT)	Behavioural, Common
ConfigTest.BEH_TargetPlatform	Failed	Passed	220ms	Completed (SEGFAULT)	Behavioural, Common
ConfigTest.BEH_TargetArchitecture	Failed	Passed	200ms	Completed (SEGFAULT)	Behavioural, Common
ConfigTest.BEH_ThisExecutableDir	Failed	Passed	200ms	Completed (SEGFAULT)	Behavioural, Common

How do I fix these errors?

Also, what else do I do once I get this done? Is there anything else for me to install or do to support Maidsafe?



This is a good start. I think these errors are on the master branch, if you try next then its cool. We are bombarding the tests right now to get a fully green dashboard in testnet1 it’s almost there and I expect testnet2 after this current sprint which will be then a fast testnet. We need to make up some time and I feel we will with the new system. If you spot errors and log into our jira instance to log them it will help. https://maidsafe.atlassian.net Be aware many will be already in progress though as we are going a q pretty fast pace and Qa are on top of most of this. All help appreciated though, we see some 3rd party pull requests coming through now and that helps to.

Thanks for this.