I built MaidSafe, now what?

I have now built “all” on Odroid-U3 Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, yay! (thanks @Ross for your help).

I’ve Built MaidSafe, now what?

Run The Tests

In your build directory are several “test_???” executables. You can run these individually and enjoy the output ;-), or use “make ExperCommon” and all tests will be run and the results published to the public dashboard.

The are also one or two “benchmark_???” executables to try too.

Where Can I Find More Information?

You’ll find the documentation in different places for different needs (users, farmers, developers, application builders and so on). Once you have gained sufficient overview, you can drill down into the parts most relevant or interesting to you. The best starting points are MaidSafe.net Overview and Documents, because from there you can get to everything else.

Here’s a summary document map (as of July 2014):

MaidSafe Examples

The first thing to try is probably the MaidSafe Examples (see above), starting by setting up a local test network on the machine.

Start A Local Test Network

To start a test network, in the build directory execute the command:


Follow the prompts, but you can accept the defaults first time round.

If it fails retry a few times and it should start.


I think this should be a wiki and also I would list all the ways people have built MaidSafe and links to the post like you did earlier. Good job BTW. Perhaps this is a different post listing them all out.

All FAQ posts are supposed to be Wiki’d - I assume @David does this when he sees new ones.

@chadrickm I’m not quite sure what you are suggesting should be done to this one, so by all means jump in when David makes it editable.

Yes, this is how it currently works. No magic unfortunately, just let me know if you see an FAQ topic that is not wiki’d.


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