Fermat "News" Livestream Mentions Maidsafe

If you are not familiar with Fermat, perhaps you might want to learn a bit about it. They mention Maidsafe near the end of their “monthly” update. I just want to pass it on.


If you’ve looked into it a bit, any thoughts about Fermat @chadrickm? Either stand alone or in relation to MaidSafe.

There’s so much on their website I decided not to dig in! Even scrolling to the bottom of the landing page took an age :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok, I dug a little :slight_smile:… they have a novel approach to help distribute activity (such as mining and meetup organisers) across many countries, which seems to have worked looking at the list of their ‘chapters’. I wonder if something along these lines might help MaidSafe set up developer pods now that resources are building within MaidSafe and MaidSafe Asia @nicklambert?

Here’s a blog post that summarises their approach to mining and how they use it to incentivise per country ‘chapters’ (similar to pods). It includes various mechanisms to counter big miners etc (more technical detail about that in this IoP white paper):



Totally off topic, but good to see you again @chadrickm


Do you have a link to the information about how they distribute activity @happybeing? I had a look through the whitepaper, bits of the website and a medium article but couldn’t really find any specifics. Thanks.

The reason I started looking into them is because the PIVX Governance 2.0 is going to be based quite a lot on theirs. I’m still trying to figure out the best/easiest way to do “The Hub” concept and something like PIVX seems like a good fit at the moment. You can view my latest doc here. I’ll post it on the hub thread as well if anyone is still interested.

No, sorry @nicklambert I only skimmed the WP.

Yeah no worries, I couldn’t see any specifics either. I am keen to see how other projects are setting up governance and structures to see what we can learn. When I looked at our pod concept I was coming to the conclusion that it would be more efficient (tax/legal) for everyone to contribute as individuals rather than as a colllective/group/company, but this of course not as collaborative as a group approach so I was keen to see what else was out there. Thanks anyway!

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Please see this post for further information on Fermat. They are willing to share resources and work with other projects to build a better crypto ecosystem. It could make for a great partnership in my opinion.

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