Farming for Dummies

Today I woke up in the mood for farming Savecoin. I am not a professional in programming or something. Just a usual guy. Is there any software I can run on my computer or on a farming-device? Where can I start?

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You will have to wait for Testnet 3 to start farming Safecoin.


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Not during testnet3, farming will be possible when we’re in Beta

As it says there, farming will be possible, but the coins would be “fake”.

Can anyone recommend a good NAS? Large capacity?

I put in a request to farm storj to earn coins to buy more maid and have received an invite.

Reading the forums, it doesn’t look profitable to buy a NAS to mine storj, but, if I can use the NAS in future to mine SAFECoin that would be best.

Also, it looks like some NAS out there can run software directly. So could we see a future where I buy a NAS , and install farming software on it directly?



How much space are you after, how much redundancy do you want?

The Odroid NAS is like less than 100$ and runs linux. Does linux run this storj?
The Odroid lets you have one drive, so no redundancy.

With the SAFEnetwork, the network is the redundancy. But I’d like to have my farm secure with redundancy. I’d like lots of hotswap bays, redundancy but not too much, basic level, and also just run farming software strait from the NAS.

I would pump that NAS full of Terrabites of disk drives. I’d go all in if the box could just sit there and farm with minimal maintenance from me.

Edit: if the Maidsafe team could eventually release farming software that can be run directly from a NAS that would be awesome

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OK a simple option is to buy the Synology and if the storj will not run on the synology then buy say a Odroid U4 (or RPi) and run Storj on it. The Odroid or RPi draw very little power and can talk to the NAS

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You should be able to run Docker on Synology so also any farming SW should be possible.

Farming SafeCoin directly from OMV would be possible, that would be awesome. Like no need to run console to set up node.

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What is your fantasy farming rig?
Here is mine!

I’m sure that as network launch gets closer, maidsafe coin value will moon just enough so that we can start building a good initial backbone to the SAFEnetwork.

Nearer launch, with some maidsafe coins I’m looking at buying,

Synology DS3018xs 6 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure

Which can be further expanded to a maximum 30 bays buy buying 2 of these!!!

Synology DX1215 12 Bay Desktop Expansion Enclosure

Whack in 10TB in each bay.

Run as RAID 10

Max out its RAM storage.

Docker is available for this model.

Run a vault directly on docker on the NAS.

Anyone able to verify docker will be able to run maidsafe farming software?

What is your dream farming rig… assuming near launch maidsafe coins you own will enable you to support the network.

Adding storage,

WD Red 10TB 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s 10TB 5400rpm HDD

The cost does add up! Ha. But if you have the maidsafe coins, and they do rocket, and if you are able to do so with a small fraction of what you own, I think we all need to support that price with some level of initial infrastructure.


Go for Seagate 14TB drives for Nas. They are 7200RPM from memory and not the slower Reds, or go for Red Pros at 7200RPM (i’ve got the 8 bay new synology and 4 drives)


Great advice.

As long as my maidsafe do rise in value I will absolutely use some of them to support the network.


You can also populate the NAS one drive at a time too


Would the SAFEnetwork algorithm favour vaults with more available free storage? If not, then a few drives at a time is a good way to go.

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It may after we do some testing or it may not

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I really think a decent farming spec, sort of a recommendation gold standard, should be put together for those who are lucky enough to strike it big in the fiat value of SAfECoin - and who want to give back resources. A guide to help us buy the hardware, install the docker, and let it run.

I think the above is a good start.


I don’t think there can or should a ‘gold standard’ but a guide is a very good idea.

The guide would give lots of examples (created and added to by the community) with useful statistics. Different solutions for different situations (budget, region, support, cost of services such as electricity and bandwidth and so on).

The reason I prefer this is because we want as many people to participate as possible, not just for the numbers but to create strength through diversity of solution.

Ideally it would operate somewhat like Wikipedia, so anyone can edit, but with community based curation to ensure all claims and statistics are referenced and verifiable. Ideally a SAFE Network app!

Otherwise it would I think be a target for deception and propaganda.


Hey Zoki, what about when we become “millionaires” to make a super big community farm? :smiley: A data center devoted solely to SAFE!

It is clear that it will not cover its costs, but will help in the early days of the network…